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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Crete

The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Crete

Picture of Evangelos Tsirmpas
Updated: 17 October 2016
Greece is famous for its rich history, its countless archaeological sites and its cultural heritage. Here, we take a look at Crete‘s finest brunch spots that will make your day.


Peskesi is located on Kapetan Haralampi street, in the city of Heraklion. This is a friendly restaurant indeed which serves dishes based on the philosophy of the Cretan cuisine, prepared and cooked using fresh organically produced local ingredients. If you come by for breakfast, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh Cretan pies, freshly cut salads or sweets.


Address & telephone number: Peskesi, 6-8 Kapetan Haralambi street, Heraklion, Greece, +30 2810288887

Homemade 'ntakos' | Courtesy of Peskesi
Homemade ‘ntakos’ | Courtesy of Peskesi

Cafe Mavrakakis

This is a great cafe in the heart of Chania, just five minutes away from the old port. If you come by a warm summer morning, try the cool freddo capuccino and a sandwich, or choose from a wide range of sweet and savory snacks.

Address & telephone number: Cafe Mavrakakis, Central Square, Chania, Greece, +30 2821 096194

Cretan cheesecake | Courtesy of Peskesi
Cretan cheesecake | Courtesy of Peskesi

Hari’s Creperie

Hari’s Creperie serves a wide range of sweet and savory crepes as well as sweet waffles, pancakes, salads, fruit salads and more. Countless fresh and healthy ingredients are used, like blueberries and local honey and you also have the opportunity to choose a ‘light’ version of a crepe or waffle.


Address & telephone number: Hari’s Creperie, Mesolongiou street, Rethymno, Greece, +30 2831 022900

Cretan staka cheese on French fries | Courtesy of Peskesi
Cretan staka cheese on French fries | Courtesy of Peskesi

Kormoranos Bakery Cafe

Located on Theotokopoulos street, one of the most beautiful streets of the old city, this cafe-bakery will make your day with fresh croissants and meze dishes. It will also introduce you to the treasures of the Cretan kitchen: don’t hesitate to try the local lichnarakia.

Address & telephone number: Kormoranos Bakery Cafe, 46 Theotokopoulou street, Chania, Greece, +30 6974714226

To Stenaki

To Stenaki is located in the heart of Chania and is famous for its unique freddo espresso. Despite its central location the atmosphere is relaxing, and a great opportunity to peacefully enjoy your coffee alongside a delicious, homemade sandwich.


Address & telephone number: To Stenaki, 5 Odyssea Kalligianni street, Chania Greece, +30 2821076767


Svelto is located close to the famous Saint Minas cathedral, in the city of Heraklion. Svelto serves coffee or juice, accompanied by fresh sandwiches, salads or traditional pies: try the famous mizithropita, a cheese pie with local mizithra cheese.


Address & telephone number: Svelto, Katehaki & Amaltheias street, Heraklion, Greece, +30 281 024 4548

Barrio Cafe

Barrio is located on Dimitrakaki street and opens early in the morning to serve breakfast. The breakfast options include croissants, baguettes, sandwiches, pancakes, cheese and spinach pies. There’s room to sit inside or out depending on the weather.


Address & telephone number: Barrio Cafe, 1 Dimitrakaki street, Rethymno, Greece, +30 2831051600

Homemade croissants | Courtesy of Barrio Cafe
Homemade croissants | Courtesy of Barrio Cafe


Despina serves fresh juice or coffee accompanied by a wide range of sandwiches, fruit salads and traditional local pies. The most special thing about Despina is its amazing homemade sweets. With choices such as cheesecake, profiteroles, ravani cake and lemon pie, no matter what you choose, it will be fresh and delicious.


Address & telephone number: Despina, Chora Sfakia, Greece, +30 2825091584

Fresh orange juice | Courtesy of Barrio Cafe
Fresh orange juice | Courtesy of Barrio Cafe

Mikro Efeteio

Mikro Efeteio is located in the city of Chania, on a crowded square near the local court of justice. It serves Thessaloniki bagels, croissants and a wide range of sandwiches.


Address & telephone number: Mikro Efeteio, Dikastiria ave., Chania, Greece, +30 28210 28112


Frozen yogurt is popular in Greece. Located on Ari Velouchioti street in the center of Rethymno, Yaourtaki serves fresh and healthy yogurt accompanied by a wide range of toppings. Try the delicious Yogurt Parfait, or the Caramel Parfait.


Address & telephone number: Yaourtaki, 1 Ari Velouchioti street, Retymno, Greece, +30 281 024 4548

Yogurt Parfait | Courtesy of Yaourtaki
Yogurt Parfait | Courtesy of Yaourtaki