The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Cephalonia

The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Cephalonia
Rich with archaeology, geography and the ubiquitous ancient myths, Cephalonia attracts many visitors to its Ionian shores each year. Yet the island has much more to offer besides a possible link to Odysseus’ fabled Ithaca, just as these fantastic brunch spots show.

Kastro Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Mediterranean, Greek
Cafe at Ayios Georgios Castle
Cafe at Ayios Georgios Castle | ©IDS.Photos/Flickr
Situated right by the ruins of St. George’s Castle outside the small village of Peratata, this restaurant is beautiful. After following flower-lined stairs lined to the restaurant, enjoy the amazing view that the outside patio offers. Kastro Cafe, or the castle cafe, serves all sorts of traditional homemade Greek food. With an outstanding and awe-inspiring panorama, it is the perfect place to greet the morning before heading on up to tour the castle ruins.
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Sea Rock Ws

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
Greek food
Greek food | Courtesy of Sea Rock Ws
Partake in some amazing sea views while enjoying a tasty breakfast menu served with orange juice at Sea Rock: the place to try a multitude of Greek favorites while relaxing on the island’s coast. From omelets to croissants, the menu offers an artful variety of options that use fresh ingredients and local flavors to make a fantastic morning meal. This restaurant has a family-oriented atmosphere and leaves visitors feeling comfortably at home while taking in all the sights and sounds of Cephalonia.
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Carena Bar and Restaurant

Bar, Restaurant, Mediterranean, Beer, $$$
Located just across the street from the scintillating Ionian waters, Carena is a great place to sit back, enjoy good food, and spend quality time with the family. At this casual tavern, breakfast consists of relaxation and a fantastic cup of coffee. Carena offers a beautiful seating arrangement with blooming flower pots hanging from the walls of the outdoor patio. Let the flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean start the day and observe the laid-back atmosphere of this great stop.
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Acqua Alaties Beach

Known as ‘a place for dreamers,’ Acqua Alaties Beach offers a phenomenal and one-of-a-kind location on the sands of Cephalonia. It’s a place for relaxation and enjoyment, where the freshest ingredients combine with an environmentally conscious philosophy and an interior design made mostly from all-natural materials such as stone and wood. Acqua Alaties is a great place to sit back with a cup of coffee whilst enjoying delicious traditional Greek fare, before venturing onto the beach.

Address: Acqua Alaties Beach, Alaties Beach North West Kefalonia, Alaties Beach, Greece, +30 694 066 7251

Captain Nicolas

Restaurant, Seafood, Mediterranean, Greek, $$$
Agia Effmia
Agia Effmia | © akka1979/Flickr
Tucked away in one of the finest areas of Cephalonia, Captain Nicolas is a small, family-operated restaurant that preserves the many unique tastes and flavors of Cephalonian cuisine. With a farm located right by the restaurant, visitors enjoy an extensive spread of delicious home-made meals. Captain Nicolas even makes its own jams, making it an excellent place to visit on a morning excursion to this side of the island.
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Gialos Cafe and Bar

Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Greek
Overlooking the port with its romantic views sits Gialos Cafe and Bar. This restaurant is run by a husband and wife team and features a menu that promotes Greek cuisine. With an array of home-made and incredibly delicious cakes, Gialos also offers French toast and other tasty breakfast entrees.
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Elli's Restaurant

Cafe, Restaurant, Seafood, Mediterranean, Greek
View the historic island of Ithaca while enjoying a traditional Greek breakfast at Ellis Restaurant in Fiskardo. Open to the sea, this cafe provides a beautiful setting to enjoy the sights and smells of Cephalonia, boasting family-friendly charm and rustic, regional features. The menu offers plenty of seafood salads and pastas, along with classic Greek desserts and tarts aplenty.
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Restaurant, Seafood, Greek, Mediterranean, $$$
Located in Skala, Sunrise is another beach side restaurant offering the freshest ingredients and the finest views. Its a fantastic place to partake in some of the most traditional food the island has to offer. With breathtaking sights of the sea, a family-friendly atmosphere, excellent service, and delightful food, Sunrise is not to be missed.
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Flamingo's Restaurant

Cafe, Restaurant, Greek, Vegetarian
Shrouded by the shady boughs of pine trees, this restaurant has both indoor setting and an outdoor patio where visitors can relax and enjoy a hearty Greek breakfast. Here, the rustic stone architecture creates a lovely ambiance complementing the pleasant aromas and tastes of the food. Flamingo Restaurant is a splendid spot for kick starting the day.
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O Milos Restaurant

Restaurant, Seafood, Mediterranean, Greek, $$$
Wide open windows look out onto an inviting panorama of the ocean at O Milos in Svoronata. Out front, visitors will encounter a large windmill; a great landmark for finding this favorite eatery. Meals here take the best of Greek cuisine and are served bright and colorful, with fresh ingredients.
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