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Instagrammer Of The Week: Konstans Inlenso
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Instagrammer Of The Week: Konstans Inlenso

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Updated: 17 December 2016
Every week, we bring you the #CultureTrippers, a hand-picked selection of the best Instagram photographers from around the world. From the islands of the Maldives to the mosques of Lahore, these photographers showcase their talents through their beautiful feeds and remarkable images. This week we talk to Konstans Inlenso from Athens about her early inspirations and why she loves taking pictures with her mobile phone.

Where are you based?

I am an artist, photographer, and designer basically based in Athens, Greece. I like to travel and feel the essence of any place I visit! After all, life is beautiful and precious.

How did you get into photography?

I come from a family that has always encouraged self-expression through art, my mother being an amateur painter and my sister an artist. Therefore, my need to express myself through art came to me as something very natural. However, it was the work of Rembrandt, this amazing artist, that led me to appreciate, at the age of 17, the greatness of juxtaposing light and shade in a work of art. Using chiaroscuro, the technique for contrasting and manipulating light and shadow, Rembrandt was able to achieve dramatic intensity, rhythmic visual harmony, and psychological depth. I guess it was then that I started working with a medium format twin-lens Lubitel, trying to introduce myself to the amazing world of creation through light and shadow.

What inspires you?

I would say that visual poetry inspires me the most. And when I say visual poetry I refer to this uplifting feeling I have when I come along small or large beauties around me. For example, a contradiction in shapes, lines, colors found in huge building blocks or at the corner of your coffee table; an unexpected amazing negative space created by rocks; a paradox which can be created when a scene calls you to turn it upside down; an impressionistic image found in the sea or in the fruits stored in your refrigerator. There is art in everything, even in the most unexpected places. This is what I seek.

What is the inspiration behind your Instagram handle?

My Instagram handle, @inlenso, is an invented word, in-lenso, implying a point of view through the photographer’s lens.

Has Instagram changed the way you photograph?

As a mainly black-and-white medium format art photographer, the creative process I follow has to do with concepts and thoughts I want to express or things I see and want to interpret through my art, trying to offer a proposal to the audience. As a result, my artistic procedures are not so spontaneous in that area. With Instagram, however, I don’t pass by all the beautiful things I notice as I go, which I would otherwise have left ‘unphotographed’; it has given me a good reason to be spontaneous, to search for everyday moments and share them.

Instagram is an amazing idea, I feel really sorry that I was a bit late to discover it. Since I entered the Instagram community, the moment I wake up, I grab my phone to see what people have shared. I see wonderful photos from all these places, from all these people and I say to myself: ‘What are you doing? Get up, get rid of everything that holds you back and go for it! Live your life and make art!’ If this isn’t inspiration then what is?

Whose work influences you?

Rembrandt was the first artist who made me appreciate the power of light and shadow, while Koudelka, Adams, Man Ray, and Rodchenko are great teachers for me. Many Instagram photographers also give me great inspiration, @macenzo, @niphisi, @pketron amongst them.

What do you want to say with your photographs, what message do you want to convey?

Life is beautiful, precious, and we have to open our mind to realize it.

What motivates you to continue taking photographs?

Making art and taking photographs are the only things I want to do, the only things that make me happy. I had a 12-year unfortunate break from being an artist, working as a web developer; it was terrible. I suffered greatly and eventually decided to stop everything and dedicate myself to what I really love.

How do you find subjects that you want to take photos of? For example, do you travel to locations you know you’ll find appealing, or take pictures as you experience life?

I do both, I take pictures everywhere. I adore my mobile because I can have it with me all the time so I don’t miss anything. I consider travelling to be the most exciting and creative thing to do, not only because of the new places, faces, and cultures you meet, but also because of the fresh mind you carry while travelling.