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Building façade in Exarchia, Athens
Building façade in Exarchia, Athens | Thomas Gravanis / © Culture Trip
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Incredible Buildings You Can Explore at Open House Athens 2018

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 28 March 2018
For the fifth consecutive year, the Greek capital will host Open House Athens. This unique architectural event, which occurs every spring, sees public and private buildings open their doors to visitors for free to get an unprecedented insight into some of their striking and unique features. Here are some of the incredible buildings you will get to explore during Open House Athens 2018.

Open House, which began in London in 1992, is a global endeavor with the ultimate goal of promoting architecture. In 2018, the event will take place on March 31st and April 1st; a few parallel events occur around that time as well. All you have to do to visit these fantastic places is to have a look at the program, locate the buildings that interest you and visit them within the available schedule. The guided tours work on a first come, first served basis and take place at regular intervals, so refrain from entering a space on your own. The visits are free and open to everyone.

Here is a preview of some of the buildings you can visit during this weekend.

K_hub (Kanelli)

Located in Piraeus, the K_hub showroom belongs to the wood trading company Kanelli. The showroom lies in a former warehouse that underwent renovations in 2013, turning into a modern showroom with a sleek design while maintaining the traditional design of the space.

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K_Hub space in Piraeus, Athens | © Kanelli

Private apartment in Kerameikos

In the former industrial district of Kerameikos, architects and interior designers can best show off their advanced skills by remodeling old warehouses and storage facilities. This private apartment on Evrymedontos, located on the fifth floor, is a perfect example. You will get to see the fabulous work of the team of AIEN design studio.

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kerameiko apartment/AIEN architects
Living room of a residential apartment in Kerameikos, Athens | © AIEN Architects

Kypseli Municipal Market

Tourists rarely venture out to the district of Kypseli, but this might be a chance to explore this area where many immigrants from Africa and the Middle East mingle with Greeks. The neighborhood is also home to stunning examples of neoclassical and modern architecture, such as the Municipal Market, built in 1937. Greek architect Alexandros Metaxas designed the building, which underwent renovation works in 2005.

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Kypseli Municipal Market | © Fanis Pavlopoulos / Courtesy of Open House Athens

Isaias Mansion

Athens is brimming with stellar neoclassical mansions and buildings, and the Isaias mansion is just one example of this ornate architectural style. Constructed in 1923 by Panagiotis Zizilas, the mansion has stood the test of time and has been magnificently preserved. Today, it is home to the Plakas Art Center.

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Isaias mansion on Patission street, Athens | © Ovlachos / WikiCommons

Coco-Mat Hotel

This stunning modern and elegantly designed hotel in the district of Kolonaki certainly stands out among the other buildings on Patriarchou Ioakim Street. The building, which features a minimalist façade with warm wooden lines, dates from 1930 and was renovated by Elastic Architects. This event is your chance to learn all about the design and admire its outstanding features during the guided tour.

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Coco-Mat façade in Kolonaki | © Nikos Shisios / Courtesy of Coco-Mat Hotel

Apartment building and sculpture gallery

Located in the residential area of Ilissia, this elegant building was designed by Sofia Tsiraki and presents a perfect balance between residential and cultural spaces. Including an exhibition space on the ground level, the building features a collection of apartments on the upper levels. The sophisticated and minimalist design earned the architect an honorable mention at the Greek Architects Association Awards in 2005.

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A unique apartment block designed by Sofia Tsiraki | © Nikolas Mastoras / Courtesy of Open House Athens

Site-Specific multi-space

This hybrid structure, owned by Greek architectural lighting commercial company Site-Specific, was designed and thought to serve as a minimalist and modern design concept space where regular lighting, architectural and design-oriented events take place.

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Site-Specific space | © Site-Specific

Villa Kazoulis

Constructed between 1902 and 1910 at the southern entrance of the northern suburb of Kifissia, Villa Kazoulis is one of Athens’ emblematic buildings. Belonging to the Kazoulis family, the house served as a summer mansion until it became a garrison headquarters under the Nazis. In 1949, the building housed the KAT hospital for a while, before serving as a refugee emergency accommodation for the residents of Kefalonia and Zakynthos, victims of the 1953 earthquake. Today, it is home to the National Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

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Kazoulis mansion, built in 1902–1910 at the south entrance of Kifissia. Nowadays, it houses the National Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development. | © C messier / WikiCommons

The Container Home

Owned by Cocoon Modules, a private company focusing on reusing shipping containers and turning them into modular living spaces, the Container Home was designed by Nastazia Spyropoulou in 2017. The containers, which show off environmental design, can be used as living space for individuals, pop-up stores or emergency accommodation. For Open House Athens 2018, visitors will have the opportunity to visit and learn all about this innovative concept.

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A shipping container turned into a home
A shipping container turned into a home | © Cocoon Modules