Here is Why You Should Explore Greece by Boat

Get ready for a yacht odyssey in Greece | © _dChris/Flickr
Get ready for a yacht odyssey in Greece | © _dChris/Flickr
Photo of Ethel Dilouambaka
27 September 2017

The appeal of spending a summer in Greece is great. Think exotic beaches, delicious lunches in authentic tavernas, ancient wonders waiting to be discovered and fantastic nature radiant under a blazing sun. This is what you get in Greece. Add to this a little touch of adventure and you will definitely understand why exploring the country on a boat is worth the trouble.

You avoid the crowds

Greece, with its wealth of islands to explore, is a well-known summer destination. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the Greek shores in search of sea, sun and fun, for good reason of course. You can find it all in Greece, but sometimes, when all you have is two weeks to rest after a whole year of work, you don’t feel like finding a spot on a crowded beach or queuing to enter a bar. Renting a yacht charter allows you to sail the crystalline seas to the many islands and islets of Greece.

Sailing in the Aegean Sea | © Christian Lendl / Flickr

It is cheaper than you think

Many think renting a yacht (even with a skipper) is too expensive, but this is far from being true. Depending on the number of passengers, you can end up paying less than what you would for a hotel deal on land. Besides, your floating abode allows you to access any places deep enough for anchorage, allowing you to discover multiple places in one day.

Overbooked hotels? No problem

Did you want to spend a day or two in Santorini but can’t find any accommodation? No problem. You are virtually able to sleep anywhere in your charter boat, all you need is a safe harbor to drop the anchor. Once you’re set, get to the land and explore your heart out. Ever dreamed of visiting Delos but can’t find any boat tours anywhere? Again, not a problem. Just ask your skipper and he will safely guide you to shore for an afternoon in Greece’s most sacred open-air museum.

Docked at Mandraki Marina, Rhodes | © Jorge Láscar/Flickr

You reconnect with nature and yourself

Imagine yourself on the deck, the waters lapping the flanks of the boat, the sun high in the sky and the quiet humming of the engine. If you are lucky enough to rent a sailing boat, you will get the chance to really experience the Mediterranean Sea at its best, with the wind in your hair. Those restorative stops in hidden creeks, the nights at the harbor and the sailing days out in the sea. You can even be lucky enough to spot some dolphin glistening in the sparkling waters. In short, a boat odyssey in Greece offers such a complete change of scenery that will allow you to reconnect with nature, and hopefully yourself.

Explore hidden places

Visiting Greece by boat is an excellent option if you want to discover the paths less travelled. You will get the chance to stay in sleepy harbors or small bays where cruise boats or ferries cannot reach, explore hidden beaches known only by locals, and which are only accessible by sea. If you enjoy fishing or want to try your hand at it, you can even ask the locals or your skipper to lead you to the best spots to get your first catch. The smaller islands which only have a few connections per week won’t be a problem for you and you will get to explore locations unspoiled by mass tourism.

Taking a refreshing dip | © Christian Lendl/Flickr

You get to enjoy flexible routes

You decided to visit the Cyclades but became tired of all the white and blue? No problem, head to the Dodecanese or south to Crete for a change of scenery. Want to explore the seven islands of the Ionian but can’t be bothered to return to Peloponnese to continue on to Kythira? Again, no big deal. Set up your ideal itinerary with your skipper (or on your own if you have a boat driving license) and get ready to be wooed. Seriously, you will wonder why you waited this long to do a boat trip.

Small break off the coast | © Christian Lendl/Flickr

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