Greek Islands You Can Fly to Directly

Rhodes | © Jebulon / WikiCommons
Rhodes | © Jebulon / WikiCommons
Island hopping in Greece is an idyllic way to spend a vacation, but when you’re short on time, nothing beats flying. Here is a list of Greek islands you can fly to from abroad during the summer months.


Being as famous as it is, the beautiful, picture-perfect island of Santorini is well-connected, whether from Athens (Ryanair, Aegean airlines) or abroad. Unlike many other Greek islands, Santorini is ideal for a warm winter break, so why not combine it with a few days in Athens before flying off to the Cyclades. This way, you save time without missing an opportunity to see Athens in winter.

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Winter in Santorini © Nikola Totuhov/Flickr


Located in the heart of the Cyclades Island group, Mykonos welcomes year-round flights from Athens with Aegean Air, while it is also served by foreign airlines. The party island – with its stunning beaches, incredible restaurants, bars and cultural offerings, including the magnificent and glorious island of Delos – is literally a flight away. You have no excuse not to visit.

Seasonal connections: British Airways, Alitalia, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, EasyJet, Condor, Scandinavian Airlines, Thomson Airways, and Transavia


The little queen of the Ionian islands, Corfu is a charming verdant isle ideal for year-round visits. The island’s airport is connected to Athens and connected with the rest of Europe during the warm months of summer. Once you’re there, explore Corfu Town with its meandering streets and small inland villages, and enjoy the beaches and verdant landscapes which will surely seduce you as well.

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Kefalonia or Cephalonia boasts service from Athens all year round, while seasonal connections with several European cities are available as well – perfect as this magnificent island doesn’t get enough credit. Home to wonders such as the Melissani lake, Myrtos beach, the picturesque village of Fiskardo, and blessed with natural beauty, Kefalonia is another easily accessible paradise in the Ionian.

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Welcome to Lefkada, the land of rugged coastline and fantastic landscapes. Surprisingly, Lefkada’s airport, named the Aktion National Airport (PVK), gets year-round flights from Athens and is well-served to the rest of Europe during the high season. And since you’ve saved time by flying there directly, why not take advantage and do some island hopping or take part in a swimming holiday?

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Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada © Dimitra Papadimitriou / WikiCommons


Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is another little gem located in the Ionian Sea. Probably most famous around the world for its Blue Caves and the Navagio Beach – where a rusty shipwreck rests perched amongst the white pebbles – the island boasts stunning green valleys and the glorious, kilometer-long beach of Gerakas, where Caretta Caretta turtles come to lay eggs.

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The largest island of the Dodecanese group is home to long, sandy beaches, green, mountainous inland, century-old churches and one of the finest medieval towns in the Mediterranean. Add to this eight months of sunshine a year and you get why Rhodes is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

Seasonal connections: Aegean Airlines, Air Berlin, British Airways, Alitalia, Condor, EasyJet, Monarch Airlines, Ryanair, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson Airways, Transavia, and TUI fly

View of the Archeological Museum of Rhodes © Bruce Harlick/Flickr


Located close to the Turkish coast, Kos, the second largest island in the Dodecanese group after Rhodes, boasts an interesting blend of Venetian and Ottoman architecture with sights such as the famous Asclepeion, an ancient healing centre, close to Kos Town, a beautiful medieval castle, as well as an ancient Agora and a Roman odeon. Homeland of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, the island counts crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and a dynamic water sports scene amongst its selling points.

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Midway between Rhodes and Crete, low-key Karpathos is the perfect option for vacationers seeking a peaceful holiday. With scenic villages, isolated beaches and dramatic landscapes, it is perfect for a relaxing break. Kitesurf enthusiasts, note that Karpathos hosts an international kitesurfing competition every summer.

Seasonal connections: Air Berlin, Arkefly, Scandinavian Airlines, and Transavia

View of Diafani, Karpathos © boaski / Flickr


With two airports, one in Heraklion and one in Chania, Crete is connected with Athens year-round but also boasts a plethora of options for international flights. The Great Island, once the cradle of Minoan civilization, is a small country in itself. Thanks to its southerly location, it offers sun rays well into the winter and is therefore a great destination during the colder months. With its plethora of beaches, diverse gastronomy and beautiful scenery, you are bound to have the time of your life.

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Located in the North Aegean Sea, Lesbos, also known as Mytilene, is a beautiful island blessed with unspoiled landscapes, vast wildlife, and a diverse gastronomic culture. It also boasts castles, churches and ancient sites as well as quaint little villages worth visiting to get a taste of authentic Greece.

Seasonal connections: Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, and Transavia


Located in the northern Aegean, Lemnos is totally underrated. Completely off the radar compared to more popular, in-your-face islands, it has an easygoing vibe which charms any visitor looking for a glimpse of authentic Greece. Unspoiled by mass tourism, the island features a mountainous landscape that contrasts sharply with its large sandy beaches along the coastline.

Seasonal connections: British Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines

Fort of Lemnos © Michael Clarke Stuff/Flickr


As the mythical birthplace of Hera, Samos is located in the east Aegean, off the coast of Turkey. The island presents an unspoiled interior landscape, with pristine beaches and verdant forests perfect for hiking, walking or sunbathing. Marvel at the rich ecosystems of Mt Kerkis, visit the church of Panagia Sarandaskaliotissa, located by the entrance of Pythagoras’ Cave, or refresh yourself at the Karlovassi waterfalls. Your holidays in Samos won’t be complete without a tasting session of all the varieties of the Samos muscat – you won’t regret it!

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