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2014 AIFF | Courtesy of the Athens International Film Festival
2014 AIFF | Courtesy of the Athens International Film Festival
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Greek Films Premiering At Athens International Film Festival

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 5 October 2016
Taking place from September 21st to October 2nd, the 22nd Athens International Film Festival, involving different participating cinemas all over the city, is a proud supporter of the Greek film industry and, of course, has included some excellent local movies to debut during the event. Here is a list of the Greek films premiering at AIFF.


Konstantinos Fragopoulos’s debut film features an international cast with Owen Teale, which many will recognize as Sir Alistair from the series Game of Thrones, Sasha Alexander, Lena Papaligoura, Dimitris Lalos, Yorgos Simeonidis and Lili Mavromati. Here, Teale plays one of the three characters who are hiding from the world, and themselves, in an underground parking lot. But everything changes with the arrival of a fourth character who gives them the strength to move on. But when a terrible crime is committed, everything collapses.

Screening: September 22nd, Odeon 1 Opera, 10:00 p.m.

Pedro Noula

Karolos Zounaras is back with another film. With Konstantinos Aspiotis, Katia Leclerc O’Wallis, Pavlos Evangelopoulos, and Christos Sapountzis as the main cast, Pedro Noula narrates the story of a young Greek who wakes up after a car accident with no memory of his identity. The only clues he has are an Italian passport with the name Pedro Noula, a broken phone, a bank check, and a photo of a woman. The search for his true identity will turn out to be a terrifying quest where he will have to confront his worst enemy – himself.

Screening: September 26th, Danaos 1, 10:15 p.m.

Interlude, City of a Dead Woman

After her documentary Great Directors, featuring some of the top film directors of our times, such as Ken Loach, David Lynch, and Liliana Cavani, Angela Ismailos chose the beautiful island of Patmos as the setting for her first fiction film. Starring award-nominated Sarah Miles, Bernard Hill and Greek actors Roula Pateraki and Dimitris Lignadis, Interlude revolves around three people whose lives are interconnected. Daphne, a former opera singer, has chosen to live a life of silence after a painful experience. Theodrick is an American searching for a modern understanding of Saint John’s revelation, while wounded bullfighter Esteban is looking for redemption. The three meet and connect with one another, and quickly, a moral dilemma arises. Journeying through crises and recollections, the main characters will go in search of finding meaningful answers to their lives, changing them forever.

Screening: September 28th, Odeon Opera 1, 7:45 p.m.

Eftixia (Bliss)

Starring Xanthi Spanou, Dimitris Alexandris, Christos Stergioglou, and Themis Bazaka and directed by Christos Pitharas, Eftixia is a bittersweet take on a slanted view of the pursuit of happiness. Anna is 27 years old, and she works, has friends, and is surrounded by her family. But Post-it notes left by a stranger on her door and a Facebook poke by a mysterious profile trigger a series of events, destroying her mental balance. When a man wearing a red jacket starts stalking her, Anna plunges into despair, clashing with her reality.

Screening: September 30th, Odeon Opera 1, 10:00 p.m.