Greece's Best Natural Hot Springs

Courtesy of Loutra Pozar
Courtesy of Loutra Pozar
A country of endless summer, Greece boasts a rich ecosystem, diversity and spectacular landscapes, including natural hot springs. Whether you are looking for next-level relaxation or want to take advantage of its mild winter climate, here are the best hot springs you can find in Greece.

Pozar Thermal Baths, Pella

Located in the district of Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, Pozar Thermal Baths lie about 110 kilometers from Thessaloniki and 40 kilometers from Edessa at the foot of the Kaimaktsalan mountain. This impressive site features hot springs, natural pools and rivers with thermal waters (at 37 °C) plus a network of natural and artificial waterfalls. You will find a series of diverse accommodation options, including hotels, bed & breakfasts and guesthouses. With a variety of treatments available, Pozar is a top destination, especially if you wish to combine it with other activities such as skiing at the nearby resort, or simply enjoy the nearby forests.

Pozar Thermal Baths, Pozar, Pella, Greece +30 2384 091300

Krinides, Kavala

Located 170 kilometers from the city of Thessaloniki, 17 kilometers from Kavala and 19 kilometers from Drama, Krinides is spa site known since the Byzantine era. In fact, the organized facilities of Krinides are known throughout Greece and abroad and feature thermal water and healing clay baths. With an approximate temperature of 29 °C for the waters and the clay, the facilities offer a wide variety of treatments catered for all to relieve skin and rheumatic issues, as well as gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and urinary ailments. After a visit to the doctor’s center, you will go through a thermal shower before immersing yourself in thermal mud for about 20 minutes. The treatment ends with a second thermal shower, aimed to wash off all the mud. Of course, you can pair this basic treatment to other options to satisfy your needs.

Krinides Mud Baths, Krinides, Greece +30 251 051 6162

Courtesy of Krinides Mud Baths

Vouliagmeni Lake, Attica

Right in the Athens Riviera, the warm waters of the Vouliagmeni Lake await. This year-round spa boasts temperatures ranging from 22-29 °C and a population of doctor fish (or Garra rufa) which offer the most natural skin exfoliation to swimmers. The facilities include sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a restaurant and a playground for children.

Vouliagmeni Lake Natural Spa Waters, EO91 9, Vouliagmeni, Attica, Greece +30 21 0896 2237

Edipsos, Evia

Located about two-and-a-half hours from Athens in the island of Evia, Edipsos is one of the most famous spa towns in Greece. Popular since ancient times, the thermal springs (about 80 of them) range between 28°-80 °C and the water present a high percentage of magnesium, calcium and iron with high healing properties. Scattered across the city, the springs supply water to all the hydrotherapy centers of the region. Accommodation options include five-star and boutique hotels, guesthouses and more. Even better, you may find semi-thermal sea water at certain beaches where thermal springs reach the seabed.

Loutra Edipsos, Evia, Greece

Courtesy of Thermae Sylla Spa | © Wellness Hotel

Kamena Vourla, Fthiotida

The quiet seaside town of Kamena Vourla, 150 kilometers from Athens, is another great destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. Blessed with radioactive elements beneficial to heal a series of ailment and issues, the spring water’s temperature varies between 30-40 °C. Combine a stay in Kamena Vourla at Galini Wellness Hotel, one of the largest spa facilities in the area, with a few visits since you are near Delphi, the site of the Battle of Thermopylae and the ski resort of Parnassos.

Kamena Vourla, Fthiotida, Greece

Courtesy of Mitsis Galini Wellness Resort & Spa

Loutraki, Corinth

Loutraki in the prefecture of Corinth, only 81 kilometres west of Athens, was one of the first thermal destinations in Greece. Known during ancient times for its curative waters, the seaside town is home to a thermal spa boasting a plethora of services and treatments, including thalassotherapy. Given its convenient location near Athens, Loutraki Spa is an excellent destination for a day trip, which you can combine with a visit of the casino nearby.

Loutraki Thermal Spa, Epar.Od. Loutrakiou-Perachora 38, Loutraki, Greece, +30 2744 062186

Courtesy of Loutra Thermal Spa

Kaiafas, Ilia

Located in the tranquil municipality of Zacharo, in Peloponnese near Kalamata, the Kaiafas Thermal Springs features two springs located in a natural cave by the foot of Mount Lapithas. The water, coming out at 32-34 °C, is rich in sulfur compounds and minerals, with strong therapeutic properties. You will find a modern hydrotherapy center with private baths and an outdoor pool, as well as other spaces for the many treatments available. Operating from June to the end of October, the spa is located near several hotels and guesthouses.

Kaiafas Thermal Springs, Zacharo, Ilia, Greece