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Courtesy of KiloShop Greece
Courtesy of KiloShop Greece
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Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Athens

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Updated: 29 May 2017
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is never so true as when you’re talking second-hand stores and flea markets. And the offering for bargain-hunters in Athens doesn’t fall short. Here are some of the many flea markets and thrift stores you should visit when in Athens, Greece.

Avissynias Square Antique Market

Located in the heart of Athens, the Avissyias Square Antique Market is an antique market where you can score anything from old memorabilia, antiques, old books and records and more. Held every Sunday, the market usually spills out onto Ermou and the nearby streets and operates from early morning until late afternoon. Even if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can still have a drink at the Avissynias Café, where if you head straight upstairs, you can enjoy a splendid view over the Acropolis.

Avissynias Antique market, Athens, Greece

Athenian flea market │
Athenian flea market │ | © Trevor Owens/Flickr
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Very close by Paliosinithies, Guadeloupe is a thrift store with an exotic vibe where you can score bags, shoes and accessories and of course, clothing. From vintage crop tops to floral 1970s dresses, vintage jeans and military jackets, Guadeloupe has it. With a wide collection of men’s and women’s clothing, Guadeloupe will definitely rank among your favourite places in Athens.

Guadeloupe, Protogenous 12, Psirri, Greece. +30 697 85 23 933


A second-hand vintage furniture store in Psirri, Paliosinithies is how you imagine Ali Baba’s cave to look like. This chaotic bric-à-brac hotspot, located off the busy streets of Athens, has everything from chairs, tables and sofas, as well as vintage mirrors, silverware and kitchen utensils. The store also has a more spacious storehouse in Metaxourgeio, where the bigger furniture pieces are kept.

Paliosinithies City Market, Protogenous 8, Athens, Greece. +30 21 0656 0574

Paliosinithies Fabrica Market, Salaminos 65, Athens, Greece. +30 21 0656 0574

Courtesy of Paliosinithies
Courtesy of Paliosinithies
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To Pazari Rakosyllekton – Scavenger’s flea market

Every Sunday, the Scavengers Association hosts a flea market on Salaminias street, in Petrou Ralli. There, you can score anything from books, records, paintings, and decorative items, as well as furniture and domestic appliances. The flea market, with its relaxed atmosphere, welcomes all and you are expected to bargain with the stallholders, but some knowledge of the Greek language will be necessary.

To Pazari Rakosyllekton – Scavenger’s flea market, Salaminias 12, Athens, Greece. +30 69 7409 2816

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Granny’s House

Aptly named, Granny’s House is a vintage and second-hand furniture shop off the radar. Located in an industrial area in central Athens, the store sells furniture and home goods at reasonable prices. If you are looking to furnish your new apartment in Athens with a restricted budget, look no further.

Granny’s House, Servion 5, Athens, Greece. +30 21 0522 6523

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