A Guide To Souvenir Shopping in Athens

A traditional Greek souvenir: the evil eye bead | © Brian Suda/Flickr
A traditional Greek souvenir: the evil eye bead | © Brian Suda/Flickr
Souvenir shopping is part of any holiday ritual, it is only natural to want to bring memories of your vacations back home with you. When traveling to Athens, aside from the usual fridge magnets of the Parthenon and lots of Greek cooking books in dozens of languages, there are plenty of other, original souvenir options available. From hand-made jewelry to traditional Greek produce, here is our shopping guide to taking home the most unique and original souvenirs from the ancient city of Athens.

Forget Me Not Athens

Located on the famous pedestrian street of Adrianou in the souvenir haven of Plaka, Forget Me Not Athens is the ultimate souvenir shop. Featuring emerging Greek designers who accepted the challenge to redefine Greek souvenirs, it features handbags, books, homewear, jewelry and other original items.

Forget Me Not Athens, Adrianou 100, Athens, Greece, +30 210 325 3740

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It’s All, Oh So Souvenir To Me!

it’s all, oh so souvenir to me! is another designer platform where you can find alternative souvenirs such as tote bags, maps, postcards, prints and other little gadgets to take home with you. Available at Forget Me Not Athens, their products can also be found at Concierge on Theklas street in Psirri.

Athens Concierge, Agias Theklas 8, Athens, Greece, +30 213 036 9266


Born out of the first ever homeopathic pharmacy in Greece in 1996, Korres is a Greek skincare brand which aims to deliver quality products made of quality natural ingredients. Including over 400 products and present in 30 markets, Korres is a reference in terms of skincare and cosmetics. And if you do not have the time to drop by the flagship store downtown, know that there is also a store at the Athens airport, handy for those last-minute treats.

Korres, Ermou 4, Athens, Greece, +30 210 321 0054

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Melissinos Sandal Shop

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While you’re in Psirri, why not drop by the world-famous Melissinos Sandal Shop to bring custom-made Greek leather sandals to your friends and family? These traditional yet stylish sandals – every Greek woman has at least one pair in her shoe closet – are one of the most useful and recognizable souvenirs you can find, and they have the added bonus of prolonging the summer feeling back home.
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Mastiha Shop

The Mastiha Shop is the brainchild of the Mastiha Growers Association, which aims to showcase, develop and promote the different uses of Chios Mastiha through a number of products. This is where you can shop organic products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and drinks made with mastiha(or mastic), a specific resin coming from the mastic tree that can only be found on the island of Chios and in some parts of Turkey.
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Micropolis Hellenic Gift

This is probably one of the few souvenir stores where you will find pretty much everything a woman could want. Micropolis Hellenic Gift is a girl’s paradise. With an array of jewelry and accessories, the store also sells handmade and beautifully crafted tea sets, and of course mati (evil eye) artefacts to protect your home. Conveniently located across from the Acropolis metro station, this store is a necessary stop when you’re souvenir shopping downtown.

Micropolis Hellenic Gift, Makrigianni 3, Athens, Greece, +30 213 030 4231

Micropolis Hellenic Gifts |© Ethel Dilouambaka

Micropolis Hellenic Gift |© Ethel Dilouambaka

Cycladic Art Museum Shop

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© Museum of Cycladic Art
Athens has a great selection of museums and the Cycladic Art Museum shop is one that definitely deserves your time. With its minimalist sculptures, books, collection-inspired jewelry and other mementos, the shop is a great place to score some elegant and truly Greek knick-knacks.
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Ellinika Kaloudia

Ellinika Kaloudia (Greek Picks) is conveniently located on the street right behind the Acropolis Museum. This little shop is a tiny Greek delicatessen store full of top quality Greek goods and food items. Bring back Greek honey, cheese, spices, sweets and other produce, or even wine and liquor, like ouzo. If you mention that your purchase is meant for a gift, Stamatis will diligently wrap it up to ensure it doesn’t get broken.

Ellinika Kaloudia, Chatzichristou 8, Athens, Greece, +30 210 922 4060

Kirki’s Eye

Kirki’s Eye is a newcomer in the tourist area downtown. This design shop features emerging Greek fashion and jewelry designers. Drop by to find classy, original gifts, like clothing, sunglasses and tote bags, for your friends and family. The staff is always professional, friendly and willing to help you.

Kirki’s Eye, Dionysiou Areopagitou 3, Athens, Greece, +30 210 921 5907

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