17 Photos to Take in Greece for the Ultimate Instagram Feed

View of Little Venice, Mykonos
View of Little Venice, Mykonos | © EvanRoss / Pixabay
Photo of Ethel Dilouambaka
27 June 2018

Sunny beaches, age-old temples, and mouthwatering dishes—these are only a few of the reasons why Greece is a top choice for summer holidays and why it is an ideal destination to add a bit of oomph to your Insta feed. The following selection of photos will give you instant travel envy and demonstrate the type of pics that will increase your following. Now, all you have to do is come up with some good hashtags.

Eternal Athens

Let’s start with Athens, or more specifically, the Acropolis. This ancient wonder with its collection of temples can be photographed from every angle and still amaze you. Besides, it allows you to get 360-degree views of the city, the surroundings and, of course, the sea.

Parthenon in Athens | Thomas Gravanis / © Culture Trip

This shot of the caryatids is a classic, but if you properly focus on the statues, you will get an image that is somehow even more extraordinary.

You can also photograph the monument from different angles, whether you are exploring the nearby Hill of the Muses or Lycabettus Hill, Athens’ highest peak, which gives you an impressive view of the Greek capital. A visit to Strefi Hill, in Exacheia, allows for a picture of the Acropolis from a different angle not often seen before. You might want to give it a try.

View of The Porch of the Caryatids at the Erectheion temple, Acropolis, Athens | © Gonbiana / Pixabay

The city may not be the most beautiful or striking, but its pervasive street art and its mix of old and new elements will give you a run for your money.

One thing for sure is that you will certainly fall in love with Plaka, the historic center of the city, and its neighboring district, Anafiotika.

Authentic Athens: Anafiotika in Plaka | Thomas Gravanis / © Culture Trip

Of course, don’t forget the Athenian Riviera, which connects the city, or rather the port of Piraeus, to the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula, where the temple of Poseidon proudly stands in Cape Sounion.

Mesmerizing Meteora

Another awe-inspiring place in Greece is undeniably Meteora. This UNESCO-listed site, with its medieval monasteries perched atop huge boulders, is one that few ever get tired of seeing. The surrounding region itself is particularly pretty, which makes Meteora an excellent destination for not only nature lovers but also adventure seekers (rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing are readily available).

Meteora | © Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock

Whether you opt for a shot of several monasteries or a picture with the city of Kalampaka at the foot of the religious communities, you are sure to grab people’s attention.

The Meteora area has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1988 | © WitR / Shutterstock

Magnificent Peloponnese

The Peloponnese, with its variety of ancient wonders, fantastic nature, and endless shores, is another picture-perfect spot to spend your holidays. Whether you decide on an adventure inside mountains and ruins, a road trip along the rocky landscape of Mani or a camping trip by the sea, you will certainly encounter many worthy spots to capture and upload on your feed.

A table on the water in Gytheio, Mani, Peloponnese | © DanaTentis / Pixabay
Voidokilia beach, Messinia | © j_nnesk_sser / Pixabay
Ancient Olympia, Greece | © Atlantios / Pixabay

The unique and diverse mainland

From the rugged peaks of Epirus to the shores of Halkidiki and the natural beauty of the Prespa lakes, Greece is brimming with stunning, magnificent sights to admire.

Whether you are on the mainland or an island, a shot of small boats anchored at the local marina is necessary.

Boats in the harbor | © dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay

And sometimes, it is even better with the sight of freshly caught octopuses drying in the sun. Also, if you can get a shot of a boat floating on water so clear that it appears to be hovering, rest assured you will get some reactions on your feed.

Hanging octopus drying | © moniek58 / Pixabay

Seriously, how beautiful and surreal is this water? And yes, this was taken in Halkidiki, but chances are, on a bright, sunny day, you may get a similar shot elsewhere.

Small fishing boat floating on crystal clear waters, Halkidiki, Greece | © na4ev / Pixabay

Breathtaking Greece, really

Of course, any picture from Santorini, the Cycladic jewel, is sure to gather some likes and comments.

Santorini | © Mariamichelle / Pixabay

But we are pretty sure Navagio Beach, in Zakynthos, will do just fine.

Navagio Beach | © VOJTa Herout / Shutterstock

A picture of a sunset is always a great idea, but it is even better when you pair it with something like a beach.

Sunset on the beach near Sivota, Epirus | © DanaTentis / Pixabay

Find charming little courtyards in front of small houses and endless beauty on Skopelos, one of the filming locations of Mamma Mia.

Dreamy everyday in Skopelos, Greece | © dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay

Discover mystical and fascinating sites, including the oracle of Delphi, in Central Greece.

Delphi | © MemoryCatcher / Pixabay

And when in doubt, you can always throw in a picture of a sleepy cat for good measure. It will instantly add a touch of cuteness to your feed.

Being a cat is pretty awesome, but definitely being a cat in Greece must be even better | © Gerlach / Pixabay

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