Top Indoor Bouldering And Climbing Sites In Berlin

Wall Climbing|©  Michelin|Flicker
Wall Climbing|© Michelin|Flicker
Berlin is a hub of arts, culture, music and history. Unfortunately, however, for those who have a passion for climbing and bouldering, the city is almost completely flat. Luckily a lot of ‘man-made opportunities’ exist for those who are keen on wall climbing, both indoors and outdoors. Here we have a look at what this exciting city offers for wall climbers.
Wall Climbing © Michelin|Flicker

BergWerk Berlin

For locals or visitors who are interested in mental and physical challenges, Berlin offers Europe’s largest indoor adventure park in Hellersdorf. Regardless of what the weather is outside, visitors can scale walls of up to 20 meters while protected from the elements. Both children and adults are always well secured with rope and the children’s levels have particularly easy and safe security arrangements. After climbing, visitors can sate their hunger in the bistro.


Bouldering is defined as climbing without ropes to a height from which you can still jump down. Boulderworx offers something for everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner. For safety reasons there are thick mats on floor, so it’s a good place for children too.

Der Kegel

Der Kegel offers outdoor as well as an indoor climbing. It is artificially constructed with handholds and a rock structure that give different experiences to climbers here. Kegel is 18 meters high and not only can you enjoy a stunning view at the top, but also mark your name with the date and climbing route in the summit log. Kegel also offers different training courses and winter events.


T-Hall offers a range of bouldering and climbing courses, from very beginners to professionals. It covers an area of 1,800 square meters for climbing, and has more than 200 routes. It gives a natural feel to the experience, due to the authentic wood structure, and also offers a much-needed sense of accomplishment due to colour codes at different levels. It has a very motivated slogan for participants: ‘climb together’. Participants climb in groups and help each other.

Berta Block

Berta Block offers an area of 1,500 square meters for climbing with a safe jumping height. The wall structures can be tricky with tough verticals, but the place has all the arrangements to solve climbing problems at every level. They offer professional training courses and also a very special place for children to climb safely with footholds. An outdoor climbing area is under construction and will soon be open for bouldering.

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is one of newest and largest climbing halls in Europe. It covers an expanse of over 2,500 square meters, complete with vertical walls. In fact, Magic Mountain offers a complete package with climbing courses, walls, new outdoor climbing facilities and climbing shops. It also feature a nice café and wellness centre with a sauna to relax in after tiring exercise.