The Top Breakfast Spots In Wedding, Berlin

Gay Brunch | Courtesy of ZIZIs KAFFEE
Gay Brunch | Courtesy of ZIZIs KAFFEE
Photo of Brienne Pierce
16 November 2016

When it comes time for brunching, the Berlin borough of Wedding is seldom on top of the list. Wedding is a neighborhood to reconsider when it comes to Frühstücken because it delivers on both quality and quantity. Additionally, it’s usually less crowded. With quaint cafés, an ample supply of fluffy pancakes, and impressive buffets Wedding is worth a visit. Here are some of the best places to try.

Cupcakes | © SplitShire/Pixabay


The literal translation of TassenKuchen is cupcake, and cupcakes are only the tip of the iceberg. TassenKuchen is Wedding’s very own organic American bakery and café. It is located on a subdued corner in Wedding. The outside is great for enjoying a well-prepared latte and a sugary treat while quietly people watching. The sizable interior gives off a welcoming vibe. On the American brunch front, this place delivers with a wide variety of options ranging from yogurt and muesli to pancakes (served only on the weekend) to bacon. And Sunday, TassenKuchen offers all-you-can-eat pancakes, so bring some sweatpants.

TassenKuchen, Malplaquetstraße 33, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 24327966

Flop Café

This cozy café nestled in Wedding is a great place to come and enjoy an Arabic specialty. This café serves up vegan and vegetarian dishes only, so the ingredients and dishes are always fresh. The humus and haloumi are plentiful and receive high praise along with the falafel. With the turquoise-colored walls, pastel-hued chairs, and well-stocked bookshelf, it’s easy to feel at home in this quaint establishment. The coffee is always freshly brewed from fair trade organic beans. Flop Café is an excellent place to come and relax and, of course, eat.

Flop Café, Otawistraße 11, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 81618840


This funky and eccentric Wedding locale is well known by the locals. Breakfast is a daily luxury here until 4 pm. Schraders carries savory items like bacon and baked beans as well as items like croissants with sweet jam. The breakfast choices are delicious and international, so there’s something for a wealth of discerning taste buds. Sunday brunch is a bigger program at Schraders where it really plays up the international vibe with its cross cultural buffet. Vegans and vegetarians can be happy here too with dishes that offer vegan chorizo and smoked tofu.

Schraders, Malplaquetstraße 16b, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 45082663


ZIZIs KAFFEE is painted pink to juxtapose the often muted landscapes of Berlin. The beans they brew for their coffee come from Flying Roasters, which is just a stones throw away, keeping it ultra local. The creative owners of ZIZIs have come up with their own tea blends and various drink concoctions, like a rhubarb mate. The food is hyper fresh and creative, playing with taste and idea while remaining vegetarian. The owners, Lebanese natives, use their unique heritage to inspire their flavors. Breakfast is served on the daily, but on Sunday, this colorful spot sports a ‘Gay Brunch’ as a way of providing support for the LGBT community in Wedding.

ZIZIs KAFFEE, Groninger Str. 7, Berlin, Germany, +49 178 8955385

Cafe Hubert

From the outside, this café exudes an effortless charm with its rustic and cozy vibe. Wooden tables and a massive glass window with delicate pillows give this place a picturesque allure. The chic and eccentric interior fits perfectly with the menu of a variety of artisan coffees, like a matcha latte, coupled with mouthwatering breakfast items like French toast or quiche. Items like hamburgers and sandwiches also dot the menu of this Wedding gem. Hubert is a tiny café that delivers in big ways from its delicious food to its artfully made coffees.

Cafe Hubert, Tegeler Str. 29a, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 37448826


Restaurant, Vegetarian
This spree-side restaurant might just be what one needs to start the morning. Plenty of outdoor seating with swinging benches make this a great place to enjoy the neighborhood and food when the weather permits. Auszeit means break and is in part how it feels to be at Auszeit, like taking a break. It’s located on a quiet corner adjacent to the Torfstraßensteg, boasting some charming views. This café serves breakfast everyday, including things like bacon and eggs for the traditionalist and vegetarian pancakes for the more audacious. The food is comforting and served by a friendly staff. For the caffeine cravers, macchiatos and lattes adorn the menu and are usually served with a little treat. If it’s past breakfast time, hamburgers and pasta dishes are just a few of the options.


Cafe, Diner, German, $$$
For those in need of some serious brunch buffet action, this is the place. Every Sunday, this local Wedding go-to offers a hearty brunch with everything from eggs made to order to croissants. This brunch caters to the international vibe. Apart from the brunch, every day Schadé serves breakfast until 4 pm, perfect for all those late risers who still want to pretend 1 pm is the morning. The place has an upscale diner vibe and substantial portions. When it’s warm out, there’s a slew of bench seats to enjoy all that breakfast goodness. It’s international penchants extend into its other menu options and is open until 2 am.


The translation of Göttlich means divine, and divine is the experience the owners of this fairly new Wedding café want to achieve for its patrons. Their beans are from the much adored Bonanza coffee roasters, so one doesn’t have to make a trip all the way to Prenzlauer Berg for those beloved beans. The café has a range of treats from American cheesecake to brioche and éclairs, definitely catering to the more decadent of edible indulgences. This place leans more to the ‘brunchy’ feel with options like granola and paninis, but unlike other brunch places, Göttlich provides these Frühstücken items on the daily. This place also boasts high quality beer and wine with their dinner selection.

Göttlich, Tegeler Str. 23, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 52666685

Auf Der Suche Nach Dem Verlorenen Glück

The name might be hard to say, but the meaning is quite clear. The translation is ‘looking for the lost happiness’ and is based on a book by Jean Liedloff. The idea is to take a break and find some happiness here. At a quaint café that serves good food and has homey décor, it’s not hard. There are a few tables outside, which seem to be the most popular despite the weather. Here it’s common to enjoy the delectable dishes with a view, a beautiful burnt terracotta-soaked church sits across the street. There are soul warming coffee drinks and a heaping amount of variety at this tiny venue. Homemade baked goods, like hazelnut Nutella cake, organic eggs and assorted cheese platters are just a few of the things that give this charming café it’s well-deserved praise.

Auf der Suche nach dem verlorenen Glück, Nazarethkirchstraße 43, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 53080113

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