The Rising Trend of Kalita Wave Brewing, and How to Do it Yourself

Photo of Megan King
9 May 2018

Our video team went on a trip to the graffiti-lined streets of Berlin and infiltrated its trendy cafe culture to find out exactly what the Kalita brewing entails. From the weighing of the beans to the precise circular motion of pouring, we’ve got a step by step guide on how to brew the perfect cup.

Berliners love their coffee, and like everything else in the city, they’ve made it an art. ‘Pouring a perfect cup of coffee’ is a legitimate job description for many Berliners working in the fashionable coffee shops that are dotted all over the city. It’s time for coffee lovers to join the next wave of brewing.

Kalita who, you may ask?

The Kalita Wave is the latest product from Kalita Co, the family-owned Japanese company that first began perfecting coffee equipment in the 1950s. It’s considered to be the premier coffee dripper on the market; its sleek design and smooth-tasting brew is turning the heads of coffee connoisseur everywhere and its fast becoming the new favourite toy of the en vogue barista. The minimal, streamlined design of the Wave is characteristic of the companys asthetic. The Wave dripper is available in stainless steel, ceramic, or glass.

The Kalita Wave pour-over method

The Kalita Wave dripper is a pour-over method, a part of the manual-brewing trend that has risen over the past few years. Rather than water dripping through a singular hole, it has a flat bottom with three extraction holes. This stops any channeling of water in the coffee bed, resulting in a deliciously clean and crisp cup of coffee. The dripper also has minimal contact with the filter, allowing for consistency in temperature and an even dispersion of water.

Step 1: Weigh the coffee beans.

Step 2: Grind your beans.

Step 3: Wet paper – here you’ll pour a bit of hot water over your Kalita filter. This will get rid of any papery taste.

Step 4: Add the weighed ground coffee.

Step 5: Pour the hot water gently and in circular motions. Add water in incremental bursts rather then in one continuous pour. About 30 seconds between each pour should do it – this is your make or break moment.

Step 6: Wait for the water to clear from the dripper, and you’re ready to serve.

Step 7: Enjoy a perfectly crisp cup off coffee!