The Best Restaurants In Alexanderplatz, Berlin

© Kyle McDonald/Flickr
© Kyle McDonald/Flickr
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9 February 2017

Alexanderplatz is one of the sightseeing focal points of Berlin. It was rebuilt in a post-war world to recapture and sanctify its importance as a marketplace and meeting ground. Home to the 365-meter-high Fernsehturm (TV Tower) and other integral infrastructures, this section of Berlin is iconic. It can be hard to distinguish good food from overpriced tourist traps in this area and that’s why we’ve done the work of gathering some great spots to grab a bite.


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Chipps is an example of a vegetarian restaurant that doesn’t seem to bend to the whim of hipsterdom. Its sleek and chic inside make it aesthetically enticing, making it a positive space to enjoy a meal in. The entire menu is vegetarian with the possibility of turning it vegan. The food is plated with finesse and the kind of care only herbivores can muster, making each dish picture-worthy. Names like ‘walk of shame’ and ‘bed head’ are used to categorize their food, making ordering playful and maybe a little revealing.


With inspiration gathered from San Francisco, this Berlin-based team took to replicating that West Coast Mexican flavor with alacrity and mastery. It feels like the burritos were transplanted from California directly. Patrons can design their own burritos or burrito bowls, everything from the rice to the sauce, ensuring individual satisfaction. The portions are generous, so make sure those wrists are ready to hold the mexican mastodons. Their iced-teas are a big hit, and they come in handy between mouthfuls of burrito.

Dolores, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7, Berlin, Germany, +49 302 809 9597

Thai Inside

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THAI INSIDE, Berlin | © John | Flickr
This cozy Thai restaurant delivers warm and tasty Thai food at affordable prices. It has an extensive menu riddled with authentic Thai dishes that are delivered in sizable portions. The food errs on the milder side, so those craving the burn-your-mouth traditional Thai spice need to look elsewhere. This is a quiet establishment that could serve as a good introduction to Thai cuisine, or to satisfy the comfort food cravings of the Thai kind. It’s relatively authentic but it isn’t the same as eating in Thailand. The amicable staff puts effort into the plating and delivery of their dishes.


YamYam serves up hearty-sized authentic Korean dishes at reasonable prices. The watermelon soju is a refreshing treat in the summer, and the zampong (spicy soup with noodles, seafood, and veggies) is an excellent dish to warm the bones in the winter. The bibimbap is also a favorite amongst loyal visitors. The menu is sizable, with a variety of Korean dishes that don’t disappoint. The friendly staff complements the light and cheerful interior, adding to the overall experience of this place. It’s hard to find really authentic food in an area that is riddled with so many tourist traps, but for delicious Korean cuisine around Alexanderplatz, YamYam is where it’s at.

YamYam, Alte Schönhauser Str. 6, Berlin, Germany, +49 302 463 2485

The Pub

With a slogan that reads ‘Eat or Die,’ The Pub is sure to satiate mega meat cravings. Well-crafted burgers are served with crispy fries (classic or sweet potato) and coleslaw, an American dream in Deutschland. Their burgers come stacked, so it is best to come hungry. The Pub also has a self-service drink station at each table. Think beers endlessly on tap just a hand gesture away, be careful, though, as this is not free. There’s other pub food on the menu, but the burgers are what brings in the crowds. This spot is a proper modern pub, with sports games in the background, and beer flowing like water.

The Pub, Rochstraße 14, Berlin, Germany, +49 302 576 2201