The Best Places With a Jukebox in Berlin

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Wurlitzer Jukebox | © GillyBerlin / Flickr</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Wurlitzer Jukebox | © GillyBerlin / Flickr</a>
Photo of Dayna Gross
13 October 2017

If you’re looking for a bar where you can control the music without having to lug all of your vinyls and DJ equipment, then knowing where the jukeboxes are could make your night life easier. Here are the best places with a jukebox in sweet, musical Berlin.


Situated next to the canal and the weekly Turkish Market, the pub-style Ankerklause is perfect for a sunny brunch or for a crowded late-night beer, and it’s known to have the best Jukebox in town. Don’t forget the coins – box takes €0.50 for 2 songs, €1 for 5 and (if you’re confident enough) €2 for 12.

Jukebox type: CD

Ankerklause façade | © goodiesfirst

Gaststätte Oase

Entwined somewhere within the Kreuzkölln Kottbusser Strasse maze, this local joint‘s cloudy atmosphere offers a two-for-€0.50 jukebox deal. Make it a Teutonic night with German hits, or indulge in an irresistible Elvis Presley song. Look out for the David Hasselhoff album – it might just be worth the change. Note that Gastätte is pretty smoker-heavy, so expect to smell like cigarette smoke.

Jukebox type: CD

Das Gift

Compared to Oase, Das Gift has a whole other Neukölln corner bar aesthetic. Its Emerald Ice Jukebox carries a mix of old tunes as well as playlists by the latest DJs. Find songs by artists like LL Cool J or Cocteau Twins, and don’t miss out on free jukebox night every Thursday.

Jukebox type: CD

Rote Rose

This 24-hour dive bar caved and secured its modern jukebox in the back room. The beauty of this box (besides its upside-down Michael Jackson poster) is the wide selection of songs from grunge to pop. Dancing is definitely possible but not absolutely advisable – feel the crowd out first before showing off your recently mastered body rolling.

Jukebox type: MP3


Don’t be intimidated by the dodgy characters hanging outside this Kreuzberg restaurant/cocktail bar. Hannibal‘s own Wurlitzer box dates back to the DDR – it even still accepts Deutschmark! – and a 20-cent coin will play a song from artists like Diana Ross or Neil Diamond. Be sure to check out the breakfast and lunch menus at this spacious place.

Jukebox type: Vinyl

DDR Wurlitzer Jukebox | Courtesy of Hannibal

Blond Bar

At Blond Bar, located in Schoeneberg and sometimes referred to as ‘Gay-Kiez’, an electronic jukebox offers every customer the right to choose songs to listen, sing or dance to. Blond Bar calls its jukebox the ‘flirt jukebox’, so don’t be surprised to wind up in a karaoke party or something even more wild.

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