The Best Outdoor Skating Rinks In Berlin

The Best Outdoor Skating Rinks In Berlin
Winters in Germany may have been milder in recent years, but this is no excuse to call off the best of winter activities. Without a doubt, one of the joys of the season is ice skating. Even though the temperature may stay positive in Berlin, it is still winter, and the city’s ice rinks are still open.
Girl on ice-skating © plaisanter/Flickr

Horst-Dohm Ice Stadium, Charlottenburg

Horst-Dohm Ice Stadium is the biggest ice rink in Berlin, with 6,170 meters of space for skaters. There are two areas: a 400-meter outdoor rink and a smaller indoor one. With over a thousand pairs of skates available to rent, the stadium ensures anyone who wants to skate, can. The season starts in October and ends in February.
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Erika Heß Eisstadion, Wedding

Erika Heß Eisstadion is a small ice rink ideal for family outings. Speakers provide a soundtrack for the skaters, pumping out tunes, rhythm, and good vibes. For those standing on the sidelines or skaters taking a break from the action, mulled wine and snacks are available to keep the spirits up. It is possible to rent skates on location, and the rink is open from October until March.

Müllerstraße 185, Berlin, Germany

Lankwitz, Steglitz

Lankwitz is the perfect ice rink for beginners: there are regular courses for those who still feel uncomfortable on skates, less likely to pull off a triple salchow than a face plant. Every Saturday the ice rink offers ice disco, where the visitors can demonstrate their newly learned skills.

Leonorenstraße, Berlin, Germany

Eisstadion im Sportpark, Neukölln

Eisstadion im Sportpark is open from October to March. This skate spot is perfect for visitors tiny to large, with skates to rent for children all the way up to size fifty. Moreover, it offers a ‘happy hour,’ with a reduced entrance price.

Oderstraße 182, Berlin, Germany

Müggelseeterrassen, Köpenick

Müggelseeterrassen is located near the biggest lake in Berlin: Müggelsee. This area has a nice restaurant, so visitors have the option of going for a delicious dinner before or after skating — perfect for a cold winter’s afternoon.

Müggelheimer Damm 143, Berlin, Germany

Ice Rink on Alexanderplatz, Mitte

The Ice Rink on Alexanderplatz is located in the middle of the Christmas market. People often go after shopping in Galeria Kaufhof and eating a couple of bratwurst sausages with mulled wine in the market. Visitors can even have fun playing ice hockey.

Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz, Mitte

Last on the list, but definitely not least, is Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz. It is located in one of the most beautiful places in the city. The ice rink itself is quite small, but free — visitors pay only for the skates they rent. Young guests can use skating aids in the shape of penguins to enjoy the activities.

Potsdamer Straße 1, Berlin, Germany