The Best Literary Events in Berlin

Poetry Nights| Courtesy of Poetry Nights
Poetry Nights| Courtesy of Poetry Nights
Photo of Dayna Gross
9 October 2017

Language is everywhere—sounds poetic doesn’t it? In Berlin it’s acceptable to be poetic since there’s an abundance of poetry and literature scenes, bookshops, basements, and many more unpredictable places. There are movements shifting beneath Berlin’s surface that can only be heard, read, or witnessed in some of these open spaces wanting to build a world of ideas, substance, and metamorphosis. Every month there seems to be a new literary event trying to make an innovative stage for the dedicated Berlin writers. Even if you’re not a writer, your words—written or oral—are more than welcome in some of Berlin’s best poetic circles.

Fiction Canteen

Fiction Canteen aims at constructively helping new writers with their unpublished work. Each month Fiction Canteen calls for submissions from Berlin writers. Three writers are selected to introduce their work to the audience, where they ask for constructive feedback on the work presented. Sometimes the writer will propose specific doubts they are having on their poetry/prose/short story and then look to the audience for their objective guidance. A pleasantly stimulating workshop for writers and readers alike.

Fiction Canteen | Courtesy of Fiction Canteen

Another Country

Another Country is a most fascinating book shop in Berlin’s “other” Kreuzberg. Throughout the month they run a variety of events and workshops that are more than worth checking out. Besides all of the interesting used books on the shelves in Another Country, which you can take out on a loan (ideal for travelers), they have a series of events in their cool and cozy downstairs department. If you enter these events alone, it’s very possible you won’t leave alone, as there are a lot of friendly ideas swirling around, which will certainly open you up to a new friend or few.

In Another Country, an English bookshop in Berlin | ©ptwo/flickr

The Poetry Meets Series

Also known as Poetry Meets Hip Hop, this event series welcomes all German and international artists who identify themselves or their work within the framework of jazz, hip hop, and soul. They have expanded their series beyond hip hop to glorify the other genres mentioned above. The Poetry Meets Series brings together spoken word artists, jazz musicians, filmmakers, and other artists in a powerful community of participation and expression.

Poetry Nights Berlin

Poetry Nights is a series of events specifically dedicated to eastern literature and arts. This event is especially interesting as we generally hear the voice of the western poet much louder and much more present in our western literary scenes. Here is a space to hear new voices and perspectives that you may or may not be attuned to. Prepare to be moved and inspired.

Poetry Nights | Courtesy of Poetry Nights

Literally Speaking

If you’re looking for an event that actually supports its writers (and we mean financially here) then check out Literally Speaking. Of course that isn’t the only reason to drop by this event—you should also go just to listen to what words and ideas are circulating through some of the writers living in Berlin.

CC Poetics

Hosted in the middle of Gr_und, find yourself in a room lit to the max—so much so that you feel like you’ve entered a portal into one of your future lives. And perhaps you have. CC Poetics is a double feature, with two nights dedicated to glorifying poetics. Listen to a round of work of some of Berlin’s most challenging minds. Note to non-native English tongues (and natives alike): bring a dictionary if you feel like participating in the freeform dialogue as the language in this room can get you delirious.

Spike Berlin

For the writers out there interested in round table discussions, readings, lectures, performances, and other such events, then have a look into Spike Art Quarterly. It’s a place of intended thoughtfulness and discourse on expansive topics and ideas. We have Rita Vitorelli to thank for this billingual platform. Spike Art Quarterly includes critical essays that break down confrontational issues that need to be addressed and voiced. If you want a more concrete idea of what we mean, check out their website to learn their truths.

Spike Berlin | Courtesy of Spike Berlin

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