The Best Jazz Bars In Charlottenburg

Saxophonist | ©Diego Lazo/ Flickr
Saxophonist | ©Diego Lazo/ Flickr
Jazz music may not be the first genre of music that comes to mind when recalling Berlin’s history, however the city proudly holds a dedicated following to the melancholic man’s music. Jazz is favored in bars in the West of the city, much more than the bars of the East that typically churn out electronic music. This list explores the best bars in Charlottenburg that regularly draw in crowds of music lovers from near and far.


The oldest and most famous jazz bar in Berlin, complete with an illustrious history and solid reputation, Quasimodo opened in the 1920s. In its heyday in the ’50s and ’60s, it enjoyed such acts as Dizzy Giuseppe and Chet Baker, who would come through on their European tours. Today, the venue plays anything from soul, funk, blues, Latin, and, of course, jazz.

Quasimodo, Kantstraße 12a, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 31804560


Housed on the site of a former supermarket since 1992, the A-Trane is noteworthy for its stunning acoustics and is revered by music lovers and musicians alike. Witness international stars jam next to local talent at the late-night Saturday sessions, but beware, it gets busy, so booking ahead is recommended.

A-Trane, Pestalozzistraße 105, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 3132550

Jazzcafé Grolman

Jazzcafé Grolman is a beautiful restaurant serving gourmet food on white tablecloths with surprisingly reasonable prices. There is no live music here; however, its location and relationship with the A-Trane across the road means many locals come here as a warm up spot. There is no shortage of good cocktails and classic jazz in the background.

Jazzcafé Grolman, Grolmanstraße 53, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 31803780

The Hat Bar Berlin

Set under the train tracks inside a brick-walled arch, this jazz spot is bustling with atmosphere. The Hat Bar has no cover charge, reasonably priced drinks, and a crowd of all ages who come to hear the sweet sounds of jazz and blues. This place is small, friendly, and even open on Sundays while the rest of the city sleeps.

The Hat Bar, Lotte-Lenya-Bogen, 550 Berlin, Germany,

Die kleine Weltlaterne

Die kleine Weltlaterne is an excellent German restaurant that features live jazz two to three times a week and also has occasional comedy nights. While it’s mostly popular with an older crowd who have a preference for dining on high-quality food over drinking excessively, the vibe is friendly and warm and its interior is adorned with pictures of local regulars from years gone by and acts that have performed.

Die kleine Weltlaterne, Nestorstraße 22, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 8926585