The Best Brunch Spots In Tiergarten, Berlin

© Schlaier/WikiCommons
© Schlaier/WikiCommons
Photo of Brienne Pierce
26 October 2016

The Tiegarten neighborhood is widely known for its endless stretches of greenery. Hosting the largest park within Berlin means it provides certain privileges other neighborhoods don’t. The lush landscape conveys an ambiance of calmness. We’ve gathered some of the best breakfast spots in this tranquil pocket of Berlin, from local haunts to grand institutions.


For those who think breakfast is an excuse to exercise their sweet tooth, Waffly is the ideal fit. Think fluffy waffles caked in a myriad of decadent toppings – strawberry, chocolate, kiwi, Snickers, the list goes on. A mixture of fruits might be the best option to jumpstart the day, but we’re not here to judge. If it’s on a waffle, it’s still breakfast. Waffly is a great place to grab a freshly made and uniquely designed waffle treat. In this quaint spot, carbs and sugar were made to go together.

Waffly, Huttenstraße 72, Berlin, Germany

Café am Neuen See

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Cafe am neuen see
Cafe am neuen see | © / Flickr
Café am Neuen See draws in the crowds with its lakeside views. Arresting perspectives of the surrounding wooded landscape and tranquil lake gives this place an edge that cannot be undermined. There’s a biergarten outside to get up close and personal with the stellar eye-candy. The atmosphere is more laid-back because of its self service and casual dining arrangements. Inside, things get a little upscale with slightly higher prices to match. They have a variety of breakfast options that can accommodate an array of palates, from eggs to smoked salmon and piping hot coffee. For Frühstück with a side of optical feasting, be sure to check out this Tiergarten haven.


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ProbierMahl | © with wind | Flickr
ProbierMahl is a stylish restaurant known for its sleek design and its sapid tapas. The intricate food is plated vibrantly and with astute attention. Though delectable, the portion sizes of tapas can leave diners wanting more. Luckily, ProbierMahl’s Sunday brunch is just as lush as its decor. A sweeping Sunday brunch with everything from sausage to fruit to yogurt laid out for the picking. There are also chefs present to tailor scrumptious eggs or fluffy waffles to the tastes of each individual.


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Buchkantine, Berlin
Buchkantine, Berlin | © nerissa's ring |Flickr
Berlin isn’t the place where hybrid spots were born, but it seems to be where hybrid spots thrive. In a world where the act of choosing seems to be becoming obsolete, it’s only natural that its restaurants and retail would come to embody the same ideas. BuchKantine is a partly a book store and partly a restaurant – a restaurant with a cafe vibe. The cavernous interior plays with primary colors, geometric lines, and hoards of literature. In sunnier times, the outside is a welcome oasis in which to indulge in iced coffees and leaf through new reads. Their brunch ranges from the more european – think cold cuts, hard-boiled eggs and brot – to more Anglophilic with bacon and eggs made-to-order. Their caffeinated beverages are done just right and are the perfect companion to their excellent breakfast options. Delectable sweets are also available, for those who believe in the A.M. sugar rush.

Café Einstein

Regarded somewhat as an institution in Berlin, Café Einstein is an elegant Viennese-style Kaffehaus that procures authentic German cuisine. It recently has become well-known because a scene from Inglorious Basterds was shot here. Their lavish brunch is reflected in their pricing; this isn’t the place to come on a tight budget. Their sumptuous breakfast options are varied and vast. Java-heads can get properly frothed cappuccinos and perfect pours. Definitely more of an upscale breakfast, there aren’t many like it in town. It’s decadent, it’s delicious, it’s a must.

Café Einstein, Kurfürstenstraße 58, Berlin, Germany