The Best Schnitzels In Berlin, Germany

© Benreis/WikiCommons
© Benreis/WikiCommons
While schnitzel may have originated in Austria, Germans can certainly hold their own in this realm as well. Here are the six best spots for schnitzel in Berlin, Germany.

Spätzle und Knödel
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This cozy restaurant in Friedrichshain specializes in Bavarian cuisine. The combination of comfort foods and warm interior decor at Spätzle und Knödel makes it the perfect place to go on one of Berlin’s many chilly days. Warm up here when skies are overcast and the wind is unrelenting. Their schnitzel is simple: the breading is crispy, and the cutlet itself is still perfectly moist. This hearty dish comes garnished with parsley and lemon slices in traditional fashion. It is paired with classic German potato salad. Finish the meal with an apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce for the full experience.

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As its name suggests, Schnitzelkönig, which translates to mean ‘Schnitzel King,’ is all about that Wiener schnitzel. For those who feel Bavarian food is rich enough as it is, think again. The Wiener schnitzels at Schnitzelkönig come in a great variety of styles including covered in melted cheese alongside a large order of French fries. They even have a Hawaiian variety served with pineapple slices. Weighing in at up to 900 grams, the enormity of these schnitzels has yet to be surpassed by any place we know. The restaurant interior is casual, complete with simple but kitschy German-style decor.

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Alpenstück is a classy, contemporary restaurant that serves their schnitzels with other German delicacies like weißer Spargel, known to us English speakers as white asparagus. They also serve it with a lighter variation on tradition like their potato-cucumber salad. The menu is simple, and great care is taken in preparing each dish. Alpenstück also has its own bakery, so we suggest ordering another round of tasty sourdough for the table. Save space for an after-dinner pastry or two. The interior is pretty and decorated predominantly in white tones save for the feature wall at the back. This is made of inverted logs stacked on top of one another. Tables are adorned with tall white candles and seasonal flowers.

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Traditional Pork schnitzel

Traditional Pork schnitzel | © Qwerty Binary/ WikiCommons

Schneeweiß, or ‘Snow White,’ is an upscale restaurant with a dazzlingly white interior, parquet flooring, and designer decor. They serve gourmet twists on typical German fare, and their elevated Wiener schnitzel features all the qualities we love about this classic. It has some of the best quality ingredients to be found in the city. In fact, this schnitzel is so good that you will probably forget to Instagram it before it’s already gone. Expect a buttery crust and the tenderest veal. Schneeweiß is also known for their fancy weekend brunches.
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Schnitzelei, Charlottenburg

Schnitzelei, Charlottenburg | Image Courtesy of Burgermeister

Schnitzelei is the ideal spot for a summer schnitzel as the restaurant has a beautiful raised outdoor patio overlooking the Spree. As for the schnitzel, it is possible to find many varieties on the menu beyond the classic Wiener made with veal. There are turkey schnitzels to be had here as well as schnitzels made with cheese and even oysters. Schnitzelei also serves modern variations on German classics in a tapas format with items like cabbage rolls and herbed potatoes along with dishes featuring seasonal and local produce.

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Restauration 1900

While most will happily eat a Wiener schnitzel made of regular veal, the authentic schnitzel is actually prepared using fried cow udder. This version is not quite as easy to find these days, but Restauration 1900 in Prenzlauer Berg is one of the few places in Berlin to offer it. This schnitzel also differs from the rest because instead of the usual potato salad, Restauration pairs theirs with a cabbage slaw in a pink raspberry-mustard sauce. This goes quite nicely with the savory meat. If the whole cow udder thing just isn’t that appealing, opt for the schnitzel à la Holstein that comes with a fried egg and caviar.