The 10 Best Things to See and Do in Berlin During Spring

Tempelhof Picnic | © mangtronix / flickr
Tempelhof Picnic | © mangtronix / flickr
Spring doesn’t only transform the trees, the leaves and the grass in Berlin; it transforms the entire city and its inhabitants. People start leaving their winter cocoons, and going to markets, parks, bridges and canals. Spring is a great time of year here, and reminds the Berliners why they chose to live and stay in such a diverse, fun, and sometimes challenging city.

May 1

If you didn’t make it to Berlin for New Year, that’s not a problem, because May Day will more than make up for any excitement you missed out on. May 1 in Berlin used to be wildly violent, a day for the Berlin punk scene to lead the city into rebellion. Nowadays it’s a day to elevate and celebrate the working class with demonstrations, beer and music. The best place to be is in Kreuzberg, if you really want to get into the day and the scene.

May Day demo © Montecruz Foto / Flickr

Picnics in the Park and by the Canal

If the sun is out, so, it seems, is every Berliner. The vibe of the city completely transforms with the sunshine and people become more friendly and positive. Spring is the best time to enjoy the grass and the weather by taking some lunch to the canal or the park.

Picnic © Aleksandr Zykov / Flickr


In the beginning of spring, the magnolia trees begin to bloom, and they could well be the most beautiful trees in the whole of Germany. They are rich in pink and reds and are undeniably stunning. Take a day trip to Potsdam, where they have loads of magnolia trees, historical parks and a hot-yellow rococo palace built by Frederick the Great. What better time to take a day trip here than in spring?

Sanssouci Palace, Maulbeerallee, Potsdam, Germany

Beer Gardens

Spring means that it’s time to release the tap and enjoy the Berlin beer gardens, and there is a beer garden in just about every neighbourhood, so you won’t have to look hard.

Beer garden © Hsing Wei / Flickr

Eat Outdoors in Berlin’s Unique and Unusual Restaurants

There are many great restaurants and cafés with outdoor seating in Berlin, just right for enjoying the first of the spring sunshine. Check out Prinzessinnengärten in Kreuzberg for sustainable urban farming and lunching, or Birdhouse Imbiss just near the Central Bus Station. They serve fish tacos and vegetarian burritos (a rarity in Berlin).

Heidestraße 58, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Tempelhofer Feld

Historical Landmark
What better time to check out Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld than in the spring? This former airport has been turned into a community park in recent years. You can hang out in the community gardens and meet some of the locals who are contributing to the betterment of Berlin, watch the sunset or even ride your bicycle down the long runways and feel like you’re flying.
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When spring comes, everybody goes out and gets ready to stay out. The Berlin bars rarely empty out, but when spring hits, you may have trouble getting to the bartender and even more trouble getting your drinks back to your table.

Bar talk © Edwin van Buuringen / flickr

New Fashion Trends

While in the winter everyone’s occupied with trying to wear enough layers to be able to leave their houses, in the spring people are more than ready to strip their bulky layers off and show the city what they’re made of.

Berlin © Adam B / Flickr


What’s a Berlin Sunday without a secondhand market? The markets are back and the crowds are just the right size to sift through clothing, antiques and vinyls, without having to snuggle close to strangers to find your next purchase. The markets on Maybachufer, Boxhagener Platz and of course Mauerpark will be up and running again in spring.

Flea market in Berlin © La Citta Vita / Flickr


Check out Klunkerkranich over the weekend, a very cool rooftop bar where you can get a beer, get a bite, and watch the sun fall and paint the sky like a renaissance artist. You can hang out inside or outside, join the dance party on the dance floor, or take it easy with a beer or cocktail.