The 10 Best Things to Do with Kids in Berlin

Panda in Berlin Zoo | © edgefan0 / Pixabay
Panda in Berlin Zoo | © edgefan0 / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
6 November 2017

The super-cool capital city of Germany is, perhaps surprisingly, also a great family holiday destination. In addition to its lakes and an astounding number of playgrounds, Berlin has several exciting museums that are especially designed for the curious minds of children. There are also opportunities to get up close to animals and sea creatures. Here are the most fun activities in Berlin for the entire family to enjoy.

Berlin Zoo and Tierpark

Opened in 1844, Berlin Zoo is the oldest zoo in Germany and also one of the best. Approximately 20,000 animals, reptiles and birds call the sprawling Berlin Zoo their home. The zoo has a unique attraction: it is the only zoo in the country where you can see pandas. The Tierpark is Berlin’s second zoo, and it’s equally awesome.

Polar bears in Berlin Zoo | © RaimondBeuker / Pixabay

AquaDom and Sea Life

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AquaDom in Radisson Blu Berlin | © Maria Eklind / Flickr
AquaDom and Sea Life both take visitors on a fascinating journey into the mysterious underwater. AquaDom, situated in the Radisson Blu Hotel, is a tall cylindrical aquarium with a built-in elevator, housing 1,500 tropical fish; it is the world’s largest free-standing aquarium. Next door, Sea Life wows visitors with tank after tank of exotic sea creatures. Visitors can also witness the feeding of these aquatic animals.

Natural History Museum

Building, Museum
The amazing exhibits at the Museum für Naturkunde don’t let children get bored, even for an instant. The star of the museum is certainly the well-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, but there are also fossils of plants and animals from the Jurassic period. Children can learn all about evolution, planets, the cosmos and the solar system, birds and animals, minerals and more, through eye-catching displays and installations. The ‘wet collection’ of animal specimens and the taxidermy sections are certainly worth exploring.

Labyrinth Children's Museum

Labyrinth Kindermuseum is more of a playground than a museum, and it operates with the aim of learning through playing. The museum invites families to explore its nooks and crannies and participate in fun tasks and activities. There is a whole lot to discover, stairs to climb, little cars to drive, tunnels to squeeze through, and traffic rules to learn in this place. Children can build at the construction zone or play shopkeeper at cute booths. It is recommended for children between three and 11 years of age. Footwear is not allowed in the museum, so it’s best to take some socks along.

Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide

Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide is the perfect place for those little bundles of energy to blow off some steam. This adventure climbing-ground is housed in a delightful natural setting of towering beech, birch, and oak trees. There are climbing activities at different levels of difficulty, so anybody above six years of age, including beginners, intermediates, and experts, can enjoy a few hours of sporty fun here.

Heckerdamm 260, 13627 Berlin, +49 03034094818

German Historical Museum

The Deutsche Historische Museum is a great way of familiarizing older children with some fascinating German history. The museum traces the eventful history of the country through pictures, databases, posters, uniforms, flags, decorations, prints, maps, household objects, and a series of other interesting artifacts.


BergWerk is the perfect place for an active, sporty family to spend a fun few hours together. This interactive adventure ground welcomes the entire family, from toddlers to grandparents, to explore and discover. In their journey through exciting settings, adventure-seekers encounter obstacles to cross, steps to climb, platforms to cross, and rope slides to brave. There are several tracks with varying levels of difficulty for different age groups.

Stendaler Str. 25, 12627 Berlin, +49 03099274373


Courtesy of BergWerk Berlin

MACHmit! Museum for Children

Berlin is rich in incredible museums for children, and MACHmit! is yet another feather in its cap. Designed for children and teenagers, the museum teaches interesting subjects through games and a hands-on approach. A printing house, a soap shop, and a dazzling hall of mirrors are among its most popular permanent exhibits. Additionally, the museum introduces temporary and special exhibitions several times a year. However, none of the exhibits can beat the six-level climbing shelf in popularity.

Senefelderstraße 5, 10437 Berlin, +49 03074778200

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