How To Spend Thanksgiving Like A True American In Berlin

© Lawrence Jackson - Official Whitehouse Photographer/WikiCommons
© Lawrence Jackson - Official Whitehouse Photographer/WikiCommons
While most American expats have settled in Berlin for compelling reasons, come holiday season everyone gets a bit homesick for the way things are done back home. Alternatively, the holidays bring out the culture vultures in many of us, nourishing the desire to explore the customs associated with the celebrations that other groups of people hold dear. Whatever your reason for wanting to spend Thanksgiving in Berlin the American way, these tips are sure to help.


In truth, the most authentic way for Americans in Berlin to celebrate Thanksgiving is to gather a group of their friends of all nationalities and to prepare a feast as close to the real thing as possible for sharing. This is a fantastic way for expats to share their culture with those in Europe. After all, let’s be honest – who doesn’t enjoy an occasion to gather with friends and eat copious amounts of seasonal foods on a chilly day? For those who are trying to earn some added authenticity points, let us give you some handy tips.

© Tim Sackton/Flickr© Tim Sackton

KaDeWe sells some of those quintessential Thanksgiving ingredients including pumpkin purée and whole turkeys for roasting. There’s also Broken English, a British specialty ingredient store where it’s possible to find canned pie fillings.

Many butchers located around the city, known as Fleischereien, sell whole turkeys as well. As Germans opt for turkey on Christmas, however, it’s likely that ordering the bird ahead of time will be necessary. As for the stuffing, don’t expect to find the instant varieties that line the grocery store shelves year round in the States. Luckily, the ingredients necessary for making them are easy to find at most supermarkets. The same goes for cranberry sauce. Cranberries are seasonal fruits in Germany, so fresh berries are sold in the fall. For those who have always wanted to try making the sauce from scratch, this is the time.

KaDeWe Tauentzienstraße 21-24, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 21210

Broken English Körtestraße 10, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)30 6911227


For cooking buffs, the challenge of putting together a good Thanksgiving spread in Berlin could make the holiday that much more fun and festive. But for those who are less comfortable working their way around the kitchen, there are also places around the city known to throw together authentic Thanksgiving dinners.

Humble Pie Thanksgiving Feast

Humble Pie is Berlin’s resident American comfort food truck. They’ve been making our mouths water with their phenomenal pumpkin and pecan pies all throughout the fall, and this Thanksgiving they will be preparing a feast featuring these and all the other fixings necessary for a proper holiday feast. The menu includes chestnut sage stuffing, cranberry orange sauce, sweet potato butternut squash soup, and, of course, a turkey roasted to perfection. They also have a vegetarian version of the dinner available, and signature cocktails will be served throughout the night. Come and enjoy this event at 6pm or 8:30pm at Roberta Kocht in Prenzlauer Berg.

ROBERTA Kocht Zionskirchstraße 5, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0)015750975891


American Church in Berlin

For several consecutive years, the American Church in Berlin in Schöneberg has put on a pretty unique Thanksgiving spread, open to the public, providing a meal that is simpler than the rest but tasty nonetheless. There will be pumpkin soup and pie along with entertainment presented by the church’s talented collection of musicians. The program is comprised of an array of different genres including jazz, gospel, classical, and more. This event costs €10 for adults and €5 for children. While tickets are available at the door, we recommend purchasing them in advance on the church’s website.


Wartenberger Hof Veranstaltungshaus

The Wartenberger Hof Veranstaltungshaus is an events space northeast of the city center in Wartenberg that will be holding a Thanksgiving buffet on November 24th. Naturally, this is an excellent way to eat as much as possible in traditional holiday spirit in a joint celebration commemorating both Canadian and American Thanksgiving. The cost is only €20.16 for this calorie-dense extravaganza. Naturally, the space will be decorated accordingly, and there will be traditional treats like apple pie and options with a twist like mashed sweet potatoes. There will also be a musical accompaniment to complete the night.