The Best Places To Grab A Gluten-Free Meal In Berlin

Suzette | © Kate Wirth
Suzette | © Kate Wirth
While Berlin isn’t as accommodating to those who eat gluten-free as its size and forward-thinking outlook would suggest, there are still plenty of places for a tasty meal here if you know where to look. We list some of the best spots for gluten-free eating in the city.

Cielo di Berlino

Offering crusts with both regular wheat or buckwheat flour, Cielo di Berlino goes the extra mile and prepares all the gluten-free crusts in a separate place to cut down on any possibility of cross-contamination. Any pizza on the menu or custom creation can be made with a buckwheat crust, for an additional fee.

Cielo di Berlino, Monumentenstrasse 31, Berlin, Germany, +49 307 800 1738

Berlin Schöneberg Cielo di Berlino gluten-free buckwheat margherita pizza

Cielo di Berlino | © Kate Wirth

eat Performance

Bistro, German
eat Performance
eat Performance | © Kate Wirth
Kreuzberg’s eat Performance is often frequented by some seriously in-shape clientele. Sure, Paleo food is perfect for those pumping iron, but it’s also just what the doctor ordered, quite literally, for those who can’t tolerate gluten. With bistro-style fare like eggs, soups and burgers, this is the perfect spot to visit for a healthy and filling breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many in Berlin’s gluten-free community have called this the best gluten-free burger in town.
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Suzette Crêperei

The French are known for their love of good food, and French crêpe café Suzette in Prenzlauer Berg is no exception. Luckily, galettes are naturally gluten-free. There’s an affordable lunch special during the week and some pretty amazing alcoholic French cider to wash it all down with.

Suzette Crêperei, Pappelallee 15, Berlin, Germany, +49 306 521 6565

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Suzette Creperei gluten-free buckwheat French galette with bacon and TinTin menu

Suzette Crêperei | © Kate Wirth

No. 58 Speiserei

Cozy and cool without being overly trendy, this inviting Neukölln spot, is perfect for a gluten-free brunch or lunch. Their weekly menu centers around two different kinds of Stulle (the German equivalent of an open-faced sandwich), a soup and a bowl, in addition to the regular breakfast-centric egg, bread and yogurt dishes.

No. 58 Speiserei, Weisestraße 58, Berlin, Germany, +49 306 272 8050

Berlin Neukölln No 58 Speiserei gluten-free Stulle lunch and fresh-pressed juice

No. 58 Speiserei | © Kate Wirth


Like the French galette, Indian dosas are naturally gluten-free, made with fermented rice and lentils. Chutnify has answered the prayers of many Berliners looking for legitimately hot Indian dishes. In addition to dosas with traditional masala and tandoori chicken, there are many other options for gluten-free eaters, from rice bowls to salads, all of which are helpfully noted on the menu.

Chutnify, Sredzkistraße 43, Berlin, Germany, +49 304 401 0795

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Chutnify Indian gluten-free dosas

Chutnify home delivery | © Kate Wirth