Berlin's Top 6 Food Blogs To Follow

© idkjm123/Pixabay
© idkjm123/Pixabay
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15 September 2016

Whether it’s for their mouthwatering imagery or their helpful advice in sorting out which restaurants in your city are worth trying, food bloggers play an important role in contemporary life. We rely on them to inform us about what’s good, and with a food scene like Berlin‘s, it is only natural that the food blogging game is strong. Here are six of Berlin’s top food blogs to follow.

Berliner Küche

This German-language blog, whose title means ‘Berlin cuisine’ in English, is a staple among hipsters and homebodies thanks to its multitude of delicious recipes. Rather than focusing on the best places to eat around the city, this blog is comprised of a carefully curated list of recipes providing foodie inspiration for just about every occasion. Dishes are always fresh, colorful, and made from whole foods. The blog is simple, and all cooking instructions are punctuated with fantastic photos. Really, more time than we care to admit could be spent simply salivating over each entry, making a visit to the site worthwhile even if you have no intention of cooking anything at all.

Cee Cee Berlin

Cee Cee Berlin is one of the city’s most prominent food blogs. They put out a popular newsletter each week detailing the highlights of their explorations of the city’s gastronomic scene. Plus, their content comes in both English and German, making it accessible to an even wider audience. Their posts are always simple, heartfelt, and based on what are clearly handpicked establishments. While Cee Cee is largely a food blog, the platform also provides recommendations for the city’s most exciting events, shops, and more. In 2014, Cee Cee released a print publication as well, which includes over 200 of their favorite featured restaurants and hangouts around the city.

Stil in Berlin

While Berlin is now home to many blogs and publications dedicated to the adoration of our fair city, Stil in Berlin is undoubtedly one of the first. Mary Scherpe, the lady behind this successful platform, has taken it upon herself to scour Berlin for the best restaurants, cafés, grocery stores, and more. Coupled with her personal photos, which keep the whole thing beautifully organic, Stil in Berlin has become something of a database for the best cultural spots around Berlin. Plus, the content is always honest, even when the dining experiences were subpar. Another highlight of this blog is that Stil in Berlin sells a map, which is updated annually, detailing the best things to eat and do around the city.

Doppel Berlin

Doppel Berlin, or ‘double Berlin,’ is another charming platform that is a bit newer to Berlin’s food blogosphere. Like many blogs on our list, the focus isn’t entirely on food, but this is probably the thing that makes Doppel so well known. Their Instagram feed, for instance, is almost exclusively focused on the delicious eats of Berlin. For anyone looking to get the lowdown on cafés and spots for sweet snacks or quick bites in particular, Doppel is hands down the best place to start. The website is a useful tool for those living in Berlin, as they also provide resources regarding jobs, courses, and advice about moving to the city.

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Berlin Food Stories

Berlin Food Stories is one of the most established food blogs in Berlin, and as the name dictates, it focuses almost entirely on where to find the best eats in the city while doing so in a casual, candid story-like tone which gives the blog the feel of chatting with a friend. Per is the man behind just about everything on the blog, which is quite impressive because there is a lot. He, too, is brutally honest and gives the specifics about his tips and warnings at each place he visits, which makes it an exceptionally useful resource for figuring out what’s what on your food itinerary.

Foodie Berlin

Foodie Berlin is another great resource, as the platform has cheerful aesthetics and well-presented information. Sophia is the lady behind this comprehensive blog, and one of the most useful tools on the blog are her ‘starter packs.’ Here, she provides a curated selection of the most notable places she has tried, with straightforward info about each organized into various categories. The site includes interviews and Sophia’s own recipes to boot. She also has a good deal of information about the food scenes in the places to which she has traveled, so keep her in mind when planning your next trip as well.

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