Berlin's Guide To Shopping While Saving The Planet

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© Tina Meyer
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7 January 2017

Today’s industrial overproduction is a big problem for the environment, making it really important to produce new materials and minimize the effects on the environment. The press around fair trade can sometimes be negative, and quite often the products can be too expensive or not fashionable enough. This guide will prove to you that the opposite is possible: we will show you places where shoppers can buy fair trade clothes and stay beautiful! When it comes to fair trade clothing for any occasion, Berlin can offer you the perfect solution.

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Founded in 2009, the name of the company says it all: no human, animal, or aspect of mother nature has suffered in the making of their garments.The brand sticks to its roots, located in the beautiful Bavarian countryside of Helmbrechts. They test every new piece for themselves to ensure knowing they are providing their customers with the best.

100% eco and 100% fair, Bleed Organic is above all a family business. The six-person team boasts a diverse mixture of backgrounds that include design, product development, marketing and strategy, media, design, sales, customer service, logistics, film, and accounting. Each member brings something unique to the table. Not to mention, of course, Diego – the office dog who brings a certain serenity and oversees the proper functioning of the company.
Shop hours : Mon-Sat : 13:00-19:00


Since the first store opened in 1996, it has meanwhile developed three of its own labels. The brand continue to seduce customers. Today, Cyroline has nine store outlets, including two in Berlin: one in Friedrichshain and the other in Prenzlauer Berg.

Their mission: High quality, sustainable, and exceptional styles that go hand in hand – that’s why everything they produce is environmentally and socially compatible with the heart and soul of Europe and leave only the best designs and materials on the skin. With the label Green Salvage, they started their first upcycling project, in which you can find vintage articles. They have really nice jackets that you may love.

Prenzlauer Berg location: Oderberger Str. 43, 10435 Berlin; Shop hours: Mon-Sat: 11:00-20:00

Friedrichshain location: Grünberger Str. 54, 10245 Berlin; Shop hours: Mon-Fri : 13:00-19:00, Sat: 12:00-20:00

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They design t-shirts for men and women. For them, to provide the smallest amounts of surplus materials is an opportunity to create something original and unique. Fair production is the basis for this concept. Aluc works with various local, social projects and workshops for the disabled community in Germany, which allows them to support the regional economy and the social system. They also work directly with sewing factories in Poland and have a transparent and fair production process.

Arianna Nicoletti, one of the co-founders, is also involved in the ‘Fashion Revolution’ movement. This global movement has a mission to bring everyone in the fashion chain together to help to raise awareness about the true cost of fashion. Have a closer look to what they are doing and get involved here. Shop hours : Mon-Fri : 11:00-19:00 Sat : 12:00-19:00


Jaya means ‘victory of light over darkness,’ and their motto is: ‘designed with love + produced with love = JAYA.’

If you are passionate about yoga, this brand is for you. Their online store supplies you with the perfect outfit to practice yoga in Berlin. The idea of Jaya is based on a healthy foundation with sustainably produced and high-quality products. For the production of their clothes, they have found a suitable and experienced partner in Nepal, and they look forward to the economic development and thus also the independence of this country. They are cooperating with one of the first production houses in Kathmandu and use ecological materials. Their staff works in well equipped workshops, under fair conditions and decent wages. They conduct regular visits to their manufacturing sites and maintain their relationships with their local partners ensure the high quality of their long-lasting clothing.Their collections only use 100% organic cotton.

You can find a list of Berlin stores selling their clothing here.

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JORDAN is a slow fashion concept for women who want to combine their enjoyment of beautiful, custom clothes with consuming responsibly according to the motto: less is more. The brand was awarded the quality label ‘Werkstatt N’ by the Sustainability Council of the German government.

Customers are welcome in their workshop. and they provide for a private environment through individual appointments. Let yourself be drawn by the expert. They will find the model, fabrics, colors, and combination which will suit your personality. If you want to have a great and unique experience, this is where you have to go. Shop hours : Mon-Fri : 11:00-19:00, Sat : 12:00-19:00