A Visual Tour Of Kreuzkölln

Weserstrasse | © Casey Hugelfink  / Flickr
Weserstrasse | © Casey Hugelfink / Flickr
Photo of Brienne Pierce
4 February 2016

Kreuzkölln is the trendy mini-metropolis sandwiched between two mega hoods: Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Also known as the Reuterkiez, it’s small enough to miss on a map, but large enough to possess its own charm, distinctive culture, and bohemian personality. Its main players are Reuterstraße, Hobrechtsraße, and Weserstraße.

In a post-Wall world, this neglected pocket of Berlin became attractive to immigrants for its cheap rent. Fast forward some years, and this attraction also appealed to students and artists who are partial to such prices. Unique galleries, arresting canals, and notable bars started popping up all over its idiosyncratic streets. Maybe it’s the middle-child-syndrome or maybe its something else, but Kreuzkölln sets itself apart from its brother and sister neighborhoods with force, excellence, and a hint of rebellion. Kreuzkölln boasts an unmistakable magnetism with its enchanting grunge and inexhaustible effort to be its own place.

Kreuzkölln | © sfreimark /Flickr
Pilotprojekt Grüner Kiez - Reuterland 2009 | © Marie Charlotte v. Zander / Flickr
CrossCulture Graffiti am Maybachufer | ©onnola /Flickr
Love You | © onnola /Flickr
Dresses | © Andreas Lehner / Flickr
Family, sex shop | © Sascha Kohlmann / Flickr
bench in kreuzkölln | © ebrunar / Flickr
Rosa glühende Lampe | © das_sabrinchen / Flickr
Reuterstraße | © Bernd Sauer-Diete / Flickr
IMG_090119_7563_4_5_2 | © Uli Herrmann / Flickr
Berlin Neukölln Weserstraße | © Andreas Lehner / Flickr
Weserstrasse | © Casey Hugelfink / Flickr

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