A Fairytale Tour of Berlin's Magical Botanical Gardens

In awe of the beauty of plants and flowers | © Harry Leatherby/Megan King
In awe of the beauty of plants and flowers | © Harry Leatherby/Megan King
Photo of Megan King
16 October 2017

Those in need of a breath of fresh air can escape to the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Museum, a natural wonderland with an area of 43 hectares and around 22 thousand different plant species. Join us as we step inside these magical glass houses containing flora from around the world.

The wonderful plants are arranged in species found in different regions across the globe, from the fynbos of South Africa to the cool, comforts of the tropical rainforests; the exotic botany of the far east, to the cacti of the Americas, all housed under magnificent, glass greenhouses.

Amazing glass greenhouses | © Megan King
The 25 meter high rainforest greenhouse | © Megan King
Admiring the endless assortment of exotic plants from across the world | © Megan King

Altogether there are 15 of these impressive structures, located geometrically on the eastern edge of the park.

Bearing fruit | © Megan King

The tropical greenhouse was built in 1907. It is 25 metres high and has an area of 1,700 square metres, making it one of the largest in the world. It is also an impressive example of 19th century glass and steel architecture.

Cool, lush leaves | © Megan King

When you walk inside you’ll be transported to the rainforest, as you feel the humid air on your skin and move through walkways, bursting with gigantic palm trees, climbing plants and lianas.

The ferns and water features are reminiscent of Jurassic times | © Megan King
Inside the world of succulents and cacti © | Megan King
Cacti rising | © Megan King

After exploring the plant kingdoms, there are about 3,000 hectares of land and an outdoor garden with massive trees to roam through. There is also a beautiful lake where you can relax nearby.

The view of the main spaceship-like greenhouse from the outdoor garden | © Megan King