7 Street Musicians in Berlin You Should Know

Berlin is a mecca for street performers | © gazetasecret/Pixabay
Berlin is a mecca for street performers | © gazetasecret/Pixabay
Although facing icy temperatures and an increasingly regulated and policed environment, Berlin continues to preserve a thriving and culturally rich street art and performance scene. Here are just some of the music makers of Berlin who have migrated from all over the world to bring soulful tunes to the city’s streets.


Olmo first arrived in Berlin from Bologna, Italy in the summer in 2013, before deciding to move and begin his solo project a year later. He is known on the streets for playing strictly raw blues with a slide guitar as the counterpart to his mesmerising, haunting vocals. His concert shows are even more captivating, blending his musical genius with elements of theatre, electronic production, looping harmonies and live poetry that transmute into something better described as performance art.

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Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice is undoubtedly the queen of Berlin’s busking scene. She’s far past ’emerging,’ with five sell-out shows that took place at Berlin’s planetarium within the space of a few months at the end of 2016 and early 2017. Nevertheless, the street remains her favourite performance space. Hailing from South Africa, she draws huge crowds wherever her golden song goes, playing soulful, melodic and comforting music that has captivated international audiences and earned her an impressive global following. Her delicate voice is mature beyond her years, belying a powerful presence onstage. Alice released her first studio album last year – entitled Orbit – with her second album currently in the making.

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Harry Charles

Harry Charles is a young musician from New Zealand who began his mastery of the guitar when he was just a little kid. Making his way as a street musician in Berlin for over two years now, his silky-smooth voice and creative guitar playing blend together a range of influences that go from dub reggae to blues, pop, folk and jazz. With a talent for versatility and collaboration, he plays in a few musical projects in Berlin, and there’s talk of him producing his first solo album this year. Catch him playing his soft grooves on a sunny Sunday in Mauerpark or during the week near the station at Warschauer Straße.

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James Tuft

Another singer-songwriter that has migrated north from South Africa, James Tuft has a way with words that makes him a master storyteller on the guitar. James was first drawn to the guitar around the age of eight and has been composing and performing songs, playing in bands and singing in choirs and a cappella groups ever since. The musician is currently producing his debut album entitled Valley Road. His melodies are precious in their raw beauty and emotional depth, lending his songs of love, heartache, and dreams a power that transports passersby beyond the grey streets of the city.

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Milly Blue

Milly Blue, with her voice of a siren, uses vocals, a loop station and a ukulele to create her soothing sound, yielding honest storytelling that is infused with jazz and folk textures. Born and raised in Manchester in the north of England, Milly moved to Berlin after she was enraptured by the unique rhythm of the city. Milly has recorded with Basement Jaxx, supported Little Dragon and L7, and toured with, among others, Bright Light Bright Light and Gary Numan. Catch her first solo album set to be released this year on Duchess Box Records.

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This talented street performer creates genre-bending jazz, funk, hip hop and dance music set alight by the deep bellowing of his brass instrument. Originally from Paris, César artfully blends together traditionally acoustic sounds with live electronic music using a loop station and drum machine. He began with classical music in the conservatory in Paris, before travelling the world and finding his base in Berlin. His live street sets are intuitive and improvised, and usually build up to an ecstatic dance sequence.

Georgie Fisher

Georgie Fisher is a singer songwriter from Sydney, Australia, relocating to Berlin in 2013 where she wrote and recorded her first full length album called Big City Howl. Her style is characterised by rhythmic guitar playing and a strong, soulful voice. When she is not touring Europe or playing at venues around Berlin with her newly formed band, the most likely place to find her playing is at Hobrechtbrücke in Kreuzberg, her favourite spot to busk. The Deciduous EP is the newest collection of Georgie’s songs, released earlier this year.

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