7 Best Healthy Bowls In Berlin

© insatiablemunch/Flickr
© insatiablemunch/Flickr
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9 September 2016

Berlin has long been a vegan’s haven, so it’s not all that surprising that it’d be home to a multitude of trendy eateries specializing in holistic health foods of all kinds, often served in bowl form with the perfect compilation of fresh ingredients. From authentic Japanese and poke to hearty granola and acai, these bowls have grown in diversity and imagination, with nutritious options for people of all dietary persuasions. Here are seven of our favorites.

Cocolo Ramen’s lunch special

Cocolo Ramen has plenty of different types of bowls, some more loaded with superfoods than others. While delicious, most probably wouldn’t consider their Tonkatsu pork-belly ramen to be particularly healthy. Cocolo Ramen does, however, put on a healthy lunch spread every weekday, and these options are colorful, tasty, and certainly nutritious. With things like roasted seaweed and spinach neatly arranged over rice and garnished with spring onions and sesame seeds, we can’t think of a better lunch spot for vegans, the gluten free, or anyone looking for something light and fresh without all the fuss that can sometimes be found at exclusively ‘healthy’ restaurants.



Tucked at the far end of the busy Moritzplatz, Pacifico is an eatery specializing in casual fare inspired by the culinary delights of Asia and the South Pacific. They offer a variety of different dishes including burgers, buns, and tacos, but the reason they’ve made our list is for their healthy, customizable bowls. Patrons begin by choosing the base for the bowl from options like avocado, sweet potato, and pomegranate or kimchi, sesame, and egg. Next, it’s time to select the toppings. They have some of the best poke in the city, and other varieties include bulgogi, mandu Korean dumplings, or fresh mixed veggies with tofu. Not to mention, Pacifico’s interior is the perfect Instagram-able backdrop for your lunch plate, or in this case, bowl.

Prinzenstraße 84.1, Moritzpl., 10969 Berlin



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Located just across the street from Pacifico, Prinzessinnengärten is a magical green oasis in the midst of the busiest, most urban area of Kreuzberg. This community garden invites guests to dine beneath a small forest of young trees where they serve various veggie-based creations from the plants produced right at the garden. Considering that most city dwellers don’t have the chance to regularly consume vegetables freshly picked and prepared from a garden, the salad bowls at Prinzessinnengärten offer an unparalleled amount of flavor that may cause some to reconsider why they are living so far away from nature in the first place. The lunches here are fairly bare bones, and this place still remains a bit of a hidden gem for lunch.

The Bowl

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The Bowl is a restaurant that specializes in clean eating located within a larger health food conglomerate that some might even describe as akin to a vegan shopping mall. The complex also includes the phenomenal Veganz supermarket, the health-food delicatessen, Goodies, and even a vegan leather shop. As for The Bowl, each menu option is carefully arranged to achieve the right balance of flavors, and there are plenty of other yummy add-ons to round out the meal including energy balls, healthy smoothies, golden milk, and decadent vegan raw cakes. Our favorite bowl is the California, which includes a mix of lemony quinoa, avocado, sweet potatoes, greens, and other veggies.


Definitely one of the most upscale spots in Berlin for healthy bowls, Daluma (in Mitte) is known to be quite photogenic and loaded with superfoods. For those in search of that highly sought after acai bowl, Daluma’s got it with the perfect arrangement of fruits and fiber-rich toppings to boot. They also have pre-made lunches and salads to go, along with cold-pressed juices of many varieties. Plus, they do an excellent chia pudding for breakfast, and there are plenty of coffee drinks available, with a full selection of milk alternatives, of course. Take note that this place fills up during peak brunch hours on weekends, but a Daluma experience is definitely worth the wait.

Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin, +03 020 950 255



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Haferkater is a cute little restaurant specializing in coffee and porridge located on Boxhagener Strasse in Friedrichshain, but they are also known to set up the occasional pop-up shop around the city. As the ‘kater’ in its name dictates, this place advertises their oats (hafer in Deutsch) as the perfect hangover cure. Topped with seasonal fruits, nuts, and spices, the hearty oat-based porridge is as yummy and balanced in flavors as it is nutritious and substantial. Dressed in pale wooden tones with a touch of Scandinavian-decorative aesthetics, Haferkater is a cozy spot that also has outdoor seating available in the summer.

My Goodness

One of the newer spots in the city for a good healthy bowl, My Goodness (in Mitte) operates in conjunction with the yoga and spinning studio, Becycle, located in the same building. So naturally, the food is meant for refueling with proper nutrients and whole foods after a workout to promote a holistic lifestyle. Still, the menu has many offerings for a revitalizing breakfast, lunch, or brunch even if you didn’t just sweat your heart out at a cycling class. In addition to bowls, they have some excellently unique smoothie options to choose from, featuring ingredients like moringa, Himalayan rock salt, maca, and more. The food on offer changes daily, which means a meal here is always fresh and exciting.

Brunnenstraße 24, 10115 Berlin-Mitte


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