The Top Healthy Food Spots In Berlin

Haferkater | © Solène Roussel
Haferkater | © Solène Roussel
No need to beat around the bush, we all need the right amount of energy to kick-off or survive the day. In spite of all the coffee gems blossoming here and there in Berlin, caffeine is not always the answer. Though we do love our coffee and Berlin is a breeding ground for the third wave scene, sometimes we just need something to give us a kick without the jitters. We’ve curated a list of the best spots in Berlin to get energized the right way during your day, and even rock that gym session without turning to a cup of joe.


Beyond serving the best muesli bowl in the city, A.Horn is the perfect haven for whoever wants to enjoy some warm morning sunbeams on a peaceful terrace. But let’s get back to business – the muesli. A generous quantity of cereal, fresh fruits and greek yogurt as well as the right drizzle of honey are also waiting to be enjoyed, and will widely contribute to invigorating anyone’s day. Tasty and perfectly crunchy, it will be difficult to have muesli anywhere else after this.

A.Horn, Carl-Herz-Ufer 9, 10961 Berlin


A.Horn | © Solène Roussel


Do you actually know what real porridge is supposed to taste like? Don’t be be afraid, bear with us! We swear that Haferkater will reconcile your previous notions of porridge horror with this bowl of energy, originating from England. Ground in-house and freshly prepared, the oats are divinely fluffy to such an extent that you’ll never want to buy the industrial stuff again. The crunchy nuts and granola are paired with some homemade fruit-compote, which you can level up with huge chocolate chunks and other yummy toppings. All for a very affordable price. The perfect deal for a pre-gym snack or just a sweet break in the afternoon.

Haferkater © Solène Roussel

The Juicery

With as many juices and smoothies as you would ever want, The Juicery will make your health food dreams come true. Even though the hipster concept is widely developed in Berlin, and the Juicery is no exception to that, not all locations have such a friendly staff and a nice boutique. Tasty, creamy and guilt-free, the Chia-Moringa smoothie is a perfect booster to grab on the way back from your training in Mauer Park.

The Juicery, Eberswalder Str.2, 10435 Berlin


The Juicery | © Solène Roussel

Superfoods & organic liquids

Superfoods & organic liquids is one of those fancy, healthy spots, and is actually situated right in front of one of its main contenders, Daluma. You will find all kinds of energizing bites and drinks here, from power smoothies to energy balls. Despite their somewhat strange appearance, people will be surprised by the unexpected great taste of the raw cacao balls. Hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Superfoods & organic liquids, Weinbergsweg 23, 10119 Berlin

Superfoods_Cacao balls__Solene_Roussel

Superfoods & organic liquids| © Solène Roussel

The Bowl

This place has everything to curate an ideal hipster environment; fanciness, trendiness, high-priced organic options, and healthy and “whatever you want”-free food in bowls. But surprisingly, The Bowl is still not invaded with tons of customers. It’s definitely the place to go to take a breather from the chaos of the city, with its relaxing music, friendly service, and nice atmosphere. The bowls, full of everything one can imagine, are big enough to fill up its patrons for the next few hours with fresh and simple products. Try the tasty beetroot falafels or the intriguing curcuma latte, which will instill an unshakeable and highly welcomed sense of carpe diem to your morning.

The Bowl, Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin


The Bowl | © Solène Roussel


Even though the size of the portions at Daluma are not as big as in most of the previous places, the taste of its products is definitely worth talking about. The buckwheat porridge is an original touch for a breakfast to take on-the-go, and the “M2” juice, made with matcha tea & nut milk is truly delectable. A victim of its own success, the place is crowded quite often, but it’s always a great option if you have some money to spend on great quality food to take away.

Daluma, Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin


Daluma | © Solène Roussel