20 Gifts That Berliners Need Right Now

© kaboompics/Pexels
© kaboompics/Pexels
It’s only a few weeks until the Christmas markets start cropping up and we’re fast-tracked into the holiday season. Luckily, Berlin is brimming with places to find unique gifts, suitable for all tastes and budgets. Here are some of our favorite picks for the Berliners in your life.

Our/Berlin Vodka

While this may not be the kind of vodka to drown in a Club Mate, Our/Berlin vodka does provide a classy twist on this classic drink. Distilled in Berlin by a dedicated few, it can be found in boutiques, cafés, and shops all around the city, as well as at their own store in Treptow. A 350ml bottle goes for €13.

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Despite Berlin being an affordable city, many locals are a bit intimidated by the financial prospect of attending a ballet or symphony at the Berliner Philharmoniker. Luckily, the ClassicCard can make a trip to one of these high-brow establishments quite cheap indeed. The best part? The card itself only costs €15.

Tres Cabezas Coffee

No doubt, Berlin is full of phenomenal third-wave coffee shops. Most of them sell their beans, so you can bring the magic buzz into your own kitchen. Tres Cabezas sells its brand of organic espresso for as little as €5 and has many varieties and filter coffee beans to choose from. You can also order everything online.

Freunde von Freunden Book

A beloved publication among Berliners is Freunde von Freunden, which means ‘Friends of Friends.’ While they have published a couple of different things, we are particularly smitten with their book themed around Berlin. It costs 40, and a purchase provides 60% off a FvF tote bag.

Solar System Mobile

There are many magical, decorative items sold at Berlin’s various markets, boutiques and specialty shops. One of our favorites this year is the Solar System Mobile, sold at Hallesches House in Kreuzberg. Sentimental science nerds will be happy to know that, for posterity’s sake, Pluto is still featured on the model.

Gourmet Chocolates from Olivia

For those with a sweet tooth, Olivia feinste Schokoladen und Torten in Friedrichshain certainly delivers. This adorable little shop features hand-selected chocolates and homemade confections. Bars go for under €5 and the Belyzium chocolate, also from Berlin, is phenomenal.

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Places in Berlin Map

Whether for a seasoned Berliner or a new explorer, the Places in Berlin Map by the famous Stil in Berlin blog makes an excellent stocking stuffer. Ideal for discovering city tips and secrets. Get it for €9.90.

Style Guide to Berlin

The authors of Style Guide to Berlin have compiled an assortment of suggestions for stylish living, covering everything from business to art to coffee to where to find the nicest neckties. Gift this little gem to anyone looking to get the most out of this fashionable city. Get it for €25.

Oak Berlin Beard Oil

Seeing as it’s one of the hipster capitals of the world, chances are you know a young lad in Berlin sporting a beard. Check out the utterly trendy Berlin-based company Oak to snag some beard oil made with natural ingredients, or one of their many other accessories for facial hair. The oil goes for €38.50.

Splatterware Ceramics

Made of marble, these hand-painted splatterware mugs are one-of-a-kind – ideal for your creative friends. They come in red and blue and can be found at the Hallesches Haus general store in Kreuzberg. A set of two costs €20, and you can also order them online.

Brandenburger Tor Brush

The Brandenburger Tor Brush is an unusual spin on the more conventional keepsakes typically found at tourist attractions, like postcards or fridge magnets. Of course it is made in Berlin, and goes for €20.

Good Things Will Happen Soon Necklace

Still a hidden gem, The Good Store in Neukölln sells vintage and secondhand items by major designer brands, including Acne, Chloé, and Marc Jacobs. We love their signature Good Things Will Happen Soon pendant necklace, which costs €60.

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Do You Read Me?!

Another Berlin-based publication worth reading, Do You Read Me?! can fill you in on what is out there for the bibliophiles on your gift list. The trademark Do You Read Me?! tote bag is a necessity, and can be acquired with a book purchase from their store on Mitte’s trendy Auguststrasse.

The Cee Cee Berlin No.2 Book

Cee Cee is known to Berlin’s in-crowd as the weekly newsletter that focuses on the most authentic side of the city. Tried and true, and featuring the top highlights of their explorations, the second edition of their book is teeming with suggestions about the best things around the city to do, eat, see and buy. Get it for €34.90.

‘Gute Nacht’ Journal

We all have that friend whose brain is just bursting with ideas they have difficulty falling asleep. For those note-takers and list-makers, opt for the ‘Gute Nacht’ nightly journal, which can be found at Schwesterherz in Friedrichshain or in Kreuzberg.

Tea and Trinkets from Paper & Tea

While most Berliners might be all about coffee, there is a growing niche that appreciates quality tea. For the tea lovers, stop by Paper & Tea in Schöneberg, which sells tea, gorgeous stationery and other accessories, with items available for a range of budgets.

Playtype Mug from VooStore

While some products at this hip Berlin store can get quite pricey, their trademark Playtype mugs are worth that bit extra, donning words like ‘feminist,’ ‘techno,’ ‘acid’ and ‘Kreuzberg.’ Each goes for €19.

Copper Bracelet by Simon Freund

If you are looking to splurge on that special someone, let us suggest a gorgeous copper bracelet designed by the conceptual artist and former owner of SIMON&ME, Simon Freund. Get it for €90.

Fine Cream Deodorant from Süper Store

Süper Store, a tiny boutique in Kreuzberg’s pretty Gräfekiez, is filled with dazzling accessories, cosmetics, and textiles, while their entirely natural Fine Cream Deodorant is perfect for your alternative, hippy, or vegan friends. It goes for €18.

Pineapple Tumbler

For an utterly unique decorative tumbler that’s ideal for bringing a bit of tropical festivity to any holiday party, we suggest the silver pineapple cup from the renowned Parkhaus. It’s sure to be a hit, and it only costs €18.