11 Reasons Why This European City Really is Home to the Lost Weekend

Underground party in Berlin | © ax11/Flickr
Underground party in Berlin | © ax11/Flickr
Photo of Alice Dundon
25 April 2018

Berlin long ago cemented itself as the hedonistic haven of Europe. While its underground edge has polished into a more mainstream allure, Berlin still offers some of the wildest boundary-pushing nightlife in the world. Here’s why it’s the city of the lost weekend.

The city’s bars are something else

Berlin may be known for its nightclubs, but the city’s underground bars also provide plenty of good vibes. DJs spin tunes until dawn as locals and tourists gather to bask in a haze of beats and booze. This makes Berlin’s smoky, affordable bars the perfect place to start out, or enjoy a lost weekend in the city.

The fancy cocktails at Prinzipal | © Berlin IckLiebeDir / Flickr

Outrageous parties are the norm

Underground party culture is so ingrained into the ethos of Berlin that open, debaucherous parties make up a large part of the city’s party landscape. Lose yourself in the liberal vibes and enjoy a weekend of hazy memories and wild nights.

Some of Europe’s best clubs on your doorstep

Berlin is renowned for its infamous techno clubbing scene. Nightclubs like Berghain and Watergate have shaped the industry and created an unrivalled energy. So wild and encapsulating are these clubs, that they engulf you into their world and keep you hooked for hours, or even days.

Watergate infamous dance floor | © cyphunk ./Flickr

Party long and hard

These clubs aren’t just known for pumping out techno and permissive culture, they’re also famed for their extremely long opening hours. Where else can you enter a club at midnight and not emerge until days later?

Berghain | © Michael Mayer/Flickr

There are parties for every music taste

Despite the popular belief, Berlin doesn’t only cater to techno-lovers. The city hosts a rich and diverse club and live music scene, offering plenty of party spots for those who can’t bliss out on techno.

You can stumble on a party almost anywhere

Hidden in the basements of bars, nestled in abandoned spaces and, in the summer, open for all, in the city’s parks and green spaces, you can stumble upon a party almost anywhere in Berlin.

People party until dawn in Berlin | © philoup d/Flickr

You can let your freak flag fly

Whatever your fetish or kink, you can be sure that there will be a place or party for you in Berlin. Keep an open mind, adopt respect as your mantra and let your freak flag fly.

Easter leather festival in Berlin | © torbakhopper/Flickr

Join the thousands who flock here every weekend

Roughly 40,000 to 50,000 partygoers lose themselves in Berlin’s clubs every weekend. Join the hordes of locals and tourist and see what all the fuss is about.

Summer brings wild street parties

Like most European cities, Berlin really comes to life in summer. Open air raves, day to night parties and wild street parties make up the social calendar, open for everyone to enjoy.

May Day party in Berlin | © rychelieu/Flickr

It’s a city famed for its underground edge

Although the sharpness of Berlin’s underground edge has softened since the 80s and 90s, it’s still one of the wildest and edgiest cities to go out in. Black-clad party goers will attest, Berlin may have become slightly mainstream but the hallowed home of clubs like Berghain certainly hasn’t lost its underground appeal.

80c beers keep it affordable

Despite its world-famous nightlife scene, Berlin remains relatively affordable. It’s the lost weekend that can be indulged in without breaking the bank.