11 of the Best Berlin Art Accounts You Should Check Out Now

Abstract Painting by Gerhard Richter, one of Germany's most famous artists | © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr
Abstract Painting by Gerhard Richter, one of Germany's most famous artists | © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr
Photo of Alice Dundon
30 December 2017

Art and technology are quickly becoming interchangeable forces, with artists, magazines, creatives and galleries all finding their place online. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing then Berlin’s creatives have the accounts for you. Here are the city’s best art accounts that everyone should check out.


Founded in 2011, ArtParasites originally acted as a guide to Berlin’s art scene. Since then it has evolved into a global platform for creative content, with a strong focus on pairing poetry, personal texts and literary pieces with illustrations and photography. Sharing these posts on their website and Facebook, the site touches on existential issues such as love, relationships, grief or psychology and offers inspiration and a voice to the literary and visually talented creatives.

More poetry is need mural | © c.art/Flickr


iGNANT is an award-winning online magazine featuring the finest in art, design, photography, fashion and architecture. Based in Berlin, this stylish mag keeps its readers up to date on all things creative, bringing them a curated selection of the most captivating work from both established and emerging talents. Following their Pinterest gives readers access to a range of borders, offering comprehensive and inspiring insights into contemporary culture and a scope of the current art scenes.

Berlin Philharmonie | © Andreas Levers/Flickr

Berlin Mattresses

Moving apartments in Berlin can be difficult. Hiring a car, or jumping on the U-Bahn to haul all your stuff from one place to another and often up multiple flights of stairs can leave you weary. Consequently, people often leave heavier items behind, sometimes these get picked up by lucky passersby, but usually they stay on the streets until they’re eventually cleared away. No other items find this fate more often than mattresses, so much so that on urban artist set up an Instagram account to document the sad, graffitied and forgotten mattresses that adorn the streets of Berlin. Berlin Mattresses is quirky, humorous and sometimes a little political, showing off the unusual and unique side of the city’s urban art.

Graffitied Mattress in Berlin | © régine debatty/Flickr


Sleek-Art is a Berlin-based online art gallery that presents an exclusive selection of artistic pieces. All artwork is carefully chosen by a team of talented, esteemed curators and contributors from across the globe. The website and Instagram accounts give followers a deeper insight into the contemporary art world and let views into the life of artists and the history of pieces.

Mariana Castillo Deball: Parergon | © Thomas Bruns

Cork Men

Urban art can be found across Berlin, but none as dainty as the tiny cork men atop the city’s street signs. Known as Korkmännchen, the little figures performing aerial acrobatic stunts were put there by yoga instructor Josef Foos. He began creating these sporty sculptures in 2011, and now thousands are scattered throughout the city. This cute account is an innovative and quirky insight into art around Berlin.

Tiny cork man atop Berlin street sign | © Alte Wilde Korkmännchen/Flickr

Artsy Berlin

Artsy is a global platform with a mission to make art across the world accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Their Berlin site focuses on historical, established and emerging artists and showcases a range of articles, artists profiles and upcoming events. It’s a great resource for art collecting and education.

Berlin 09

ArtConnect Berlin

ArtConnect is a social network for creatives, businesses, artists and art lovers. It aims to increase access and collaboration in the world’s creative scenes. Their Berlin network makes it easy for people to engage and connect with the local scene, offering a platform where people can share jobs, events, projects and spaces.


BPigs is an independent, artist-run communication platform and guide based in and centred on Berlin. One of the city’s top art blogs, the site focuses on highlighting the contemporary art scene from creatives point of view. Operating on two levels, BPigs acts as a guide with exhibition listings and an online magazine. Their site and Instagram are a comprehensive and motivating window into the contemporary art scene in Berlin.

Kasper Toeplitz, an electric composer, puts on a contemporary art event in Berlin | © dancetechtv/Flickr


One of Berlin’s oldest and most recognisable street art groups, 1UpCrew has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and tons of street cred. Their signature 1Up tag, spreads a message of unity and love and can be seen on buildings, rooftops, at train stations and even on trains throughout the city.

1Up tag at a Berlin train station | © Sivi Steys/Flickr


Konaction, or Konrad Langer, is one of Berlin’s most popular street photographers and Instagrammers. His account is a stunning insight into the city’s diverse architecture, often placing his models in daring positions to snap the best shots. With over 100,000 followers, his aesthetic account shows Berlin through a fresh and exciting lens.

Berlin Brutalism Architecture | © Gunnar Klack/Flickr


EyeEm is a Berlin startup that’s found global appeal. A digital platform for visual creatives and photographers, EyeEm is a definitive visual platform for content, connecting 20 million creators to leading global brands. Their app acts as a platform for creators, while their magazine and newsletter showcase the work of local and global creatives in their network. Pushing the bounds of photography, this visually appealing account and magazine offer a platform and motivation for visual creatives.

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