The Most Beautiful Perspectives Of The Berliner Dom

The Most Beautiful Perspectives Of The Berliner Dom
Situated in Lustgarten on Museum Island, the Berliner Dom is both the largest church and one of the most prominent and impressive monuments in Berlin. Here are ten beautiful perspectives of the stunning cathedral.

After originally being built as a church in the 15th century, the building has undergone several developments: the old cathedral was constructed between 1745-1747 before being redesigned between 1816 and 1822. The final cathedral as we know it today, was completed in 1905 and has since been subject to further restoration after being damaged in the Second World War. Retaining the fantastic high-renaissance and baroque influences, the architecture of this cathedral is exquisite and consequently one of Berlin’s most sought after sights.

Berliner Dom, 1905 © F Albert Schwartz/wikicommons

A dramatic view of the cathedral soon after completion in 1905.

Traffic by the Dom © Brian Campbell/flikr

Traffic rushes past the cathedral on the busy Unter den Linden street.

© Lars/flikr 

A stunningly romantic view of the cathedral that unmistakably stands out from the surround buildings.

© Peter Vruggink 

A closer view of the cathedral from Lustgarten, amid additional artistic sculptures in the area.

© liebesdeutschland/tumblr 

Emergence of the cathedral at twilight.


The cathedral peering out from behind the Schlossbrücke (bridge).

© Claude Castor 

The strong architectural lines are thrown into strong relief against the melodramatic bird-filled sky.

© wikicommons 

A mysterious, silhouetted view of the cathedral in 1900.


An impressive top view revealing the stunning detail of the cathedral.

© teekay72 flikr 

Finally, we see the cathedral lit up beautifully by a light display during the Festival of Lights.