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What's On This Weekend In Berlin
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What's On This Weekend In Berlin

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Updated: 21 July 2016
As pride week starts to come to an end and Berlin Beer Week is starting to poke out its euphoric head into the world, we get to celebrate the aspects that really curate Berlin. As a city full of unyielding diversity with a focus on high individuation from the onerous boundaries of normative behavior, Berlin has made a name for itself with its ‘almost anything goes’ attitude. It’s a city of quaquaversal freedom. And in its freedom people have found the energy to tackle their own creative endeavors, like opening up hybrid vintage shop/cafés or crafting some imaginative beer. This weekend is all about the individual and the way she shows up in a collective environment with her untapped limitlessness. With CSD, beer week events, open-air music at Gendarmenmarkt, Japanese festivals and more – it’s going to be a very Berlin weekend.

Friday 22 July

DRINK | Berlin Beer Week Opening Event

There’s a reason the words ‘booze’ and ‘cruise’ rhyme. While we haven’t fully fleshed it out yet, we think trying Berlin Beer Week’s craft beer ship event is a good way to find out.

EAT | Bite Club Nummer Drei

There’s a reason why there’s more than one of these tasty events in the Summer, Berlin can’t get enough of them.

Lluís Domingo / Unsplash
Lluís Domingo / Unsplash | Lluís Domingo / Unsplash

Saturday 23 July

MUSIC | Open Air At Gendarmenmarkt

This is how Berlin takes open air and injects it with highbrow. Classical music performances at Gendarmenmarkt anyone?

pixabay | pixabay

OUTSIDE | Sterni And Chill

Berlin is a pretty affordable city, but for the hyper frugal, here’s a list of outdoor spots to soak in all that summer for free or close to it.

Lea Böhland / Unsplash
Lea Böhland / Unsplash | Lea Böhland / Unsplash

Sunday 24 July

CULTURE | Christopher Street Day

With roots from across the pond, Christopher Street Day isn’t just another LGBT parade; it’s an international fight and celebration to be ourselves.

pixabay | pixabay

CULTURE | Japanese Summer Fest

For those hankering for all things Japanese, rejoice in this event that celebrates the county’s culture through food, craft, and drink.

pixabay | pixabay