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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | March 18-20

What's On This Weekend In Berlin | March 18-20

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Updated: 24 March 2016
March is melting down the long winter thaw and the sun is no longer a myth in the Hauptstadt. It’s time to celebrate the valiant efforts put forth by ourselves to brave this seemingly endless seasonal hibernation. Trees are budding with verdant leaves and the weight of outerwear is starting to slim down. Waiting in line for Sisyphus or about blank won’t require such brazen attitudes against the blistering cold. What’s the right way to give a proper nod to the springtime rebirth in a city as voraciously diversified and audaciously eclectic as Berlin? Let us show you.



ART   |   Platoon Magazine 3rd Edition Launch

To celebrate the launch of its latest magazine which centers on the theme mobility, Platoon is hosting an all-star party, complete with light show.

Expect a light show via Flickr

Expect a light show via Flickr

MUSIC   |  Max Richter’s Sleep

The world’s longest piece of classical music gets its international debut over three nights at Kraftwerk. Beds included.

Max Richter Ensemble via Flickr

Max Richter Ensemble via Flickr



ART   |   A Danish Girl In Berlin

Maiken Bent, Danish artist, wields her penchant for juxtapositions with her installations and sculptures in her first German solo show.

Maiken Bent's Exhibition Arrives Image Courtesy of KW Institute

TROLLEY #4 2015, Trolley with work CARGO #17 (2013)  |©Maiken Bent / Courtesy of Maiken Bent

FOOD   |   Green Market Berlin

The vegetarian food festival is back with vengeance this weekend with some of the finest meatless food anywhere in the city.

The Green Market Image courtesy of Green Market Berlin

The Green Market Image courtesy of Green Market Berlin


FOOD   |   Breakfast And Vinyl
For the adamant worshippers of Frühstück who also dig supreme vinyls with a side of variety, Markethalle Neun is a Sunday must.

Vinyl Image via Flickr

Vinyl Image via Flickr

SHOP   |   Fahrrad Flohmarkt

For those that have had enough of huddling inside from the cold weather, the bike fleamarket as part of Berlin Cycle Week offers bikes for all.

FOOD   |  Dinner In Wedding

Sunday is the day of rest, right, or at least of being utterly hungover? Why not try eating out in a neighborhood that doesn’t get as much attention, but is killing it culinarily? Stranero is an excellent choice for the lovers of ‘za.

Courtesy of Stranero