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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 3-5 June
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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 3-5 June

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Updated: 9 June 2016
Hallo June. For a while it was looking like summer was never going to happen. In honor of all that is Sommer, we wanted to highlight the freedom that these scattered months entail while keeping an eye on the very dynamic nature of Berlin. We didn’t hold back and are rolling out the red carpet for these weekend festivities. On the menu are food festivals to mitigate the efforts of the ideal summer bod (sorry not sorry), art openings to bend the cortexes, film festivals to expand those horizons, and did we mention food? This is Berlin – you can’t stay without properly enjoying the eats.


EAT | Berlin’s Restaurant Week

As if there needed to be another reason to dine out in Berlin, Berlin restaurant week is hitting the Hauptstadt with heaps of haunts that are as eager as they are delicious.

DRINK | Wet Your Whistle

Berlin is a whole hodgepodge of seemingly conflicting idiosyncrasies that harmoniously coexist. Why would the bar scene be any different? Get weird this Friday.


EAT | Hafenfest

We know you’ve perfected that summer bod, but seafood barely has any calories – right?

FILM | Jewish Film Festival

Berlin is rife with many things, and film festivals are one of them. This one is a real treat for those wanting to explore films about Jewish life and culture.

ART | Jeremy Shaw At König Galerie

Towards Universal Pattern Recognition is the new show by the Canadian transplant in Berlin, Jeremy Shaw.

Alice Achterhof / unsplash
©Alice Achterhof / unsplash


ART | Open-Air Gallery

Berlin’s art scene mirrors the very essence of Berlin, eccentric and unapologetic – just how we like it. Come celebrate it as it proudly turns Oberbaumbrücke into an outdoor gallery.

EAT | Eis Eis Baby

Markthalle Neun does it again, serving up a food-centric extravaganza that can’t be missed, and this one is seasonally appropriate.

©Markthalle Neun
©Markthalle Neun