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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 29 April - 1 May
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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 29 April - 1 May

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Updated: 5 May 2016
This weekend is dominated by two main events, the ending of April and the beginning of May. These things are not taken lightly in Berlin. The end of April is marked with the highly anticipated Gallery Weekend where many galleries open their doors and give us a reason to get Kunsty. Getting high-brow might be the perfect antecedent for the debauchery that ensues on Myfest. May 1st is this Sunday and no bottle will be left untouched. So this weekend is a hodgepodge of intellect and shenanigans, but life is all about balance, right? There’s also a vegan bake sale and chef guest appearances to keep hunger at bay.


FOOD | Alan Micks Cooks At Silo

Satisfy your tastebuds this Friday with top notch grub prepared by Silo’s guest chef Alan Micks.

courtesy of SIlo
courtesy of SIlo

ART | Gallery Weekend

A staple of Berlin’s art scene, the Gallery Weekend is back with some of the city’s most important names showcasing and being showcased.

Uwe Wittwer @ Nolan Judin Berlin Gallery / © Kevin / Flickr
Uwe Wittwer @ Nolan Judin Berlin Gallery / | © Kevin / Flickr

GALLERY PICK | Giuseppe Gonella at Magic Beans Gallery

Friday at 7pm head over to Magic Beans Gallery to jump start the gallery weekend. Enjoy prismatic abstract paintings by Giuseppe juxtaposing the harp and viola via the Rundfunk Sinfonie Orchestra.

courtesy of Magic Beans Gallery
courtesy of Magic Beans Gallery


FOOD | Worldwide Vegan Bakesale

Going vegan doesn’t mean one has to forego sweet treats. Join the vegan bakers as they celebrate ethical eating and sweet goodness.

FILM | Lakino

Get cinematic with the Lakino film festival, a festival celebrating Latin American short films in P’berg and Kreuzberg.


PARTY | Myfest 2016

It’s Myfest in Berlin which means a few things: it’s May 1st, it’s open air season, and there will be mayhem.