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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 20-22 May

What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 20-22 May

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Updated: 26 May 2016
We like to plague ourselves with the question ‘What’s on this weekend in Berlin?’ so Berliners don’t have to. As we also like to labor on about the glorious weather – hey, with eight months of winter who can blame us? – we have hand selected some sun celebrating and outdoorsy events in homage to the warmer months. Coming up on summer in Berlin brings about a certain amnesia for the Hauptstadt’s inhabitants – maybe it’s all the wegbiers or the joyous night loitering outside of a Späti, but once that heat hits, it’s like winter never happened. Here’s to not holding onto the past and moving forth into the future – a future of street food events, BBQs, rooftop drinking and all around fun. This weekend, we’ve got you covered.



FOOD   |   The First Rule About Bite Club Is…

Celebrate in all the things that make Berlin summer, Berlin summer with Bite Club‘s first street food extravaganza of the season.

© Giovanni Dominice / Courtesy of Bite Club

© Giovanni Dominice / Courtesy of Bite Club



FILM   |   Take It Outside

For those who have missed The Danish Girl and want to enjoy the cinema but don’t want to be locked up in a traditional movie theatre setting, head over to Kreuzberg’s freiluftkino or open-air cinema at 9:30.



FOOD | Seafood Festival

The Berlin Seafood Festival is a culinary meeting of raw and fresh seafood produce coupled with Berlin’s finest street seafood vendors.


DRINK   |   Grab A Glass With A View

Summer can feel like a victory. Now that we’ve all come out on top, it seems only right to celebrate at one of these rooftop bars.

Rooftop bar | © Yazan Badran / Flickr

Rooftop bar | © Yazan Badran / Flickr




CULTURE  |   International Museum Day

This year’s annual International Museum Day should excite everyone that has been putting off that visit to the Natural History Museum or the Altes Geschichte Museum until a rainy day.


OUTSIDE   |   Upcycle Your Sunday

Whether it be a BBQ, a run, a mini bike tour, or just a chill session with friends, check out Tempelhofer Feld this Sunday, Berlin’s best example of upcycling yet.