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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 15-17 July
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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 15-17 July

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Updated: 21 July 2016
July is truly the season of celebration in Berlin. Summer is in its prime and Berliners are enjoying every minute of it. Whether they’re canal-side with a Sterni in hand or café-side scrunching their brow in the wake of all that glorious sun, they’re making the most of this get-outside-now kind of weather. And beyond the conventional depictions of what a Berlin summer is, there is also the overarching sentiment of utter relish that penetrates the Haupstadt and we can’t blame them; with exhibition openings, supper clubs, late-night botanical gardens, pride festivals, and more it would be pretty hard not to enjoy life.

Friday 15th July

EAT | Chi Fan’s Chinese Banquet @ The Store Kitchen

For those who enjoy things on the spicier side and have a hankering for imaginative Chinese food, check out this pop-up feast.

via Pixabay
via Pixabay

ART | Krist Martin At König Galerie

What Friday night would be complete without a proper fill of Kunst? Check out Kris Martin’s return to the infamous König Galerie.

via Pixabay
via Pixabay | via Pixabay

Saturday 16th July

OUTSIDE | Botanical Night At Botanical Garden

The massive 43 hectares of lush romanticism stays open for a late night so the people can experience natural beauty in the moonlight.

via Pixabay
via Pixabay | via Pixabay

CELEBRATE | Lesbian & Gay City Festival

In other words, here’s Berlin’s rendition of Pride Parade. This massive festival is loud, proud, and pretty much unmissable.

via Pixabay
via Pixabay | via Pixabay

Sunday 17th July

OUTSIDE | Waterside Spots In The Hauptstadt

Some Like It Hot, while others don’t. We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to show you hot spots to keep cool; the perfect Sunday treat.

EAT | Brunch It Up In Prenzi

Not all poached eggs live in Kreuzberg, why not mosey on up to Prenzlauer Berg for a spectacular Sydney-inspired Brunch.

Eggs Benny
Eggs Benny | © Caitlin Hughes