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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 10-12 July
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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 10-12 July

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Updated: 14 July 2016
For those who haven’t penciled in their summer holidays yet or haven’t jet-setted off to some isle fecund with coconut drinks, fear not; there’s plenty happening in Berlin this weekend that will leave all deserters of the Hauptstadt green with envy. Berliners love their summer season and for good reason. With gelato festivals, collaborative brunches, free open-air classical music, and theatre festivals amongst the standard Berlin party scene that seems to last longer than the warranty on a Volkswagen, what’s not to love? How will you love this weekend?

Friday 8th July

FOOD   |   Berlino Gelato Festival

Here’s a much-appreciated way to bring a little bit of Italy to the Hauptstadt.

FOOD   |   Try Kaffee Tasting @ Markethalle Neun

Berlin is a city of unparalleled third wave coffee, and it’s time to step up our understanding in the presence of its greatness. 

Saturday 9th July 


DRINK   |   Gesundbrewing Craft Beer Festival

Gesundbrewing will be showcasing an epic lineup of beers at the famous Castle Pub in the spirit of Berlin beer week.

MUSIC   |   Staatsoper Für Alle

Staatsoper für alle is a glorious evening where classical music hits the streets, bringing highbrow to the mainstream, for free.


Sunday 10th June 


THEATRE   |   Foreign Affairs

As the name cleverly suggests, this international festival celebrates a whole spectrum of performance art mediums all over Berlin.

FOOD   |   One Stop Sunday 

This brunch is living proof that ‘two heads are better than one’ when Santa Maria and Geist Im Glas team up to immortalize this A.M. shindig.

Courtesy of Geist Im Glas & Santa Maria

Courtesy of Geist Im Glas & Santa Maria