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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 1-3 July
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What's On This Weekend In Berlin | 1-3 July

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Updated: 7 July 2016
This weekend rings in the beginning of July and with new beginnings come spectacular awakenings. Summer is more than fully realized and Berlin has officially moved to the streets, well streets, parks, courtyards, and any other outdoor space that allows for loitering and relishing. As the weather teeters between breezy and sunburn, we’ve rounded up some stay-outside all day and all night activities to match these endless days.

Friday 1 July

THEATRE | Gorilla Girls & Beuys

The collective K-LI-P has made waves in Berlin through its suffusion of different artistic mediums, and its new show is sure to do the same.

EAT | Eat Like An Italian

We’ve amalgamated some of the best places to soak up some Italian cuisine – hand gesturing optional.

Saturday 2 July

FOOD | Taiwan Delicanto

The concept of ‘street eats’ seem to be everywhere these days, but the food at these events are getting trite. That’s where the Taiwanese street food event comes into play.

ART | Berlin Graphic Days

For those who missed it in February, here’s your chance to get your fill of international and local kunst, the graphic kind.

CULTURE | How To Spend 12 Hours In Berlin

If you want to get the most out of the Hauptstadt this Saturday, try following our jam-packed 12 hour schedule. We dare you.

Lager Lager © Jonathan Brooking
Lager Lager | © Jonathan Brooking

Sunday 3 July

FOOD | The Big Biteclub BBQ + Legotek Open-Air

Nothing screams summer more than a BBQ, and nothing screams summer in Berlin more than open air. Thankfully, here’s a way to have both.

Image courtesy of Bite Club
Image courtesy of Bite Club

FILM | Get Thee To A Cinema

In the name of all that is summer, spend each moment outside, even when watching the silver screen. From Kreuzberg to Wedding, when it comes to Freiluftkinos, we’ve got you covered.

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