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What's On This June In Berlin
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What's On This June In Berlin

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Updated: 30 June 2016
June feels like a bit of an accomplishment. This winter was a blistering icicle bully that reigned for too long in these lands. Spring has sauntered in slowly, and we started to remember all the things we love about Berlin. Now that summer is practically here, we are relishing in it in a way one can only do when they’ve achieved something great. In accordance with all that is triumphant, we’ve amalgamated a slew of awe-inspiring activities that celebrate the very things that make Berlin, Berlin – think open-air everything, Kiez fests, food extravaganzas, literary festivals, all-night parties and more.


Wednesday 1st – Monday 6th June

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EAT   |   Berlin’s Restaurant Week

1st-7th June

As if there needed to be another reason to dine out in Berlin, Berlin restaurant week is hitting the Hauptstadt with heaps of haunts that are as eager as they are delicious.

EAT   |   Hafenfest

4th-5th June

We know you’ve perfected that summer bod, but seafood barely has any calories – right?

FILM   |   Jewish Film Festival

4th-19th June

Berlin is rife with many things, and film festivals are one of them. This one is a real treat for those wanting to explore films about Jewish life and culture.

ART   |   Open-Air Gallery

5th June – 3rd July

Berlin’s art scene mirrors the very essence of Berlin, eccentric and unapologetic – just how we like it. Come celebrate it as it proudly turns Oberbaumbrücke into an outdoor gallery.

DESIGN   |   DMY International Design Festival

2nd-5th June

For a period of four days, Kraftwerk Berlin will host one of the leading  festivals of contemporary design.

EAT   |   Eis Eis Baby

5th June

Markthalle Neun does it again, serving up a food-centric extravaganza that can’t be missed, and this one is seasonally appropriate.


Monday 6th – Sunday 12th June

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PARTY   |   House Of Weekend Open-Air Rooftop Summer Saison

8th-13th June

Open-air everything as promised. Kick off the season with House Of Weekend’s picturesque rooftop hotspot.

SCIENCE   |   Long Night Of Sciences

11th June

In order to combat some of the more debaucherous details of the summer season, here’s a night to tap into the cerebrum when institutions open their doors to the public.

FOOD   |   The Bird’s 10th Birthday

11th June

Something Berliners, and most people for that matter, seem to love are burgers, and The Bird has been serving them famously and right for ten years at their Prenzlauer Berg location.

SCIENCE   |   Berlin Web Week

7th-17th June

In the name of all that is trending, Berlin Web Week encapsulates all realms of the digital industry in obvious and not so obvious ways.

LITERATURE    |    MissRead Berlin Art Book Fair

10th-12th June

In the season where apparently everyone in their field comes together, this book fair is no different – all the big wigs of the literary art world rub elbows for a weekend of no limits lit.


Monday 13th – Sunday 19th June

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EAT   |   Eatalian Food Week

13th-19th June 

The line ‘That’s Amore’ was probably referring to a perfectly crafted pizza. This fest will give you even more reasons to fall in love with authentic Italian food.

OUTSIDE   |   Velothon Marathon

18th-19th June

Cyclists at all levels can enjoy and partake in this citywide marathon. It’s where cycling meets sightseeing.

EAT    |    Bite Club Part Deux

17th June

For those who missed the first epic street food party, here’s another chance to round up your appetites for its next appearance.

PARTY   |   Bunker Rave

18th June

So maybe we can’t party like it’s 1999, mostly because it’s 2016, but it’s still possible to immerse into the remnants of rave culture in Berlin.


Monday 20th – Thursday 30th of June

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DESIGN   |   Handmade Design Market

25th June

In a world of mass production, it’s time to award fastidiousness and craftsmanship, and with this design market, one can do exactly that.
CULTURE   |   Bergmanstrasse Festival

24th-26th June
Bergmanstrasse is one of the (many) colorful streets of Kreuzberg – only this one turns into a cultural extravaganza for three days in June.

CULTURE    |   48 Hours In Neukölln

24th-26th June

It doesn’t get more diverse than Neukölln, so why deny it? Berlin won’t. That’s why this vibrant Kiez is given 48 hours to celebrate its dynamism.

CULTURE    |    German-French Fair

24th June – 24th July

Not all neighbors are friendly; luckily, these two are, and in honor of their kinship, the two Titans of Culture come together to celebrate just that.
SHOP    |   Nachtflomarkt Makes A Comeback

25th June

Nachtflomarkt or night flea market takes the best of both worlds – vintage shopping and partying – and fuses them into one night.

EAT   |   Free From

25th – 26th June

Fitness and food are taking up larger spheres in the Hauptstadt, with influences from across the pond, and this festival highlights the movement that finds freedom in restrictions.

MUSIC   |   Fête De La Musique

21st June

It may have a French title, but it’s not just for Parisians. This citywide music festival celebrates sounds from around the globe.