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Skyline of Berlin in sunset | © SP-Photo / Shutterstock
Skyline of Berlin in sunset | © SP-Photo / Shutterstock
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What's On In Berlin In July

Picture of Brienne Pierce
Updated: 10 October 2016
Well, we’re in the trenches of it – summer that is. As the weather decides to do a pendulum swing from early spring to too-hot-to-handle, we’ve come up with ways to deal with every temperature on the spectrum this July. For those who haven’t sprung for a Southern France holiday and are duking it out in the Hauptstadt, fear not, as there are plenty of activities to give your friends who are traipsing St.Tropez some serious FOMO. This month, think of outdoor movies, open-air parties too important to be Instagrammed, beer week, food festivals, and just about everything in between. You’re not going to want to miss one second of Berlin this July.

Friday 1st- Monday 4th July


ART | Berlin Graphic Days

1st-3rd July

For those who missed it in February, here’s your chance to get your fill of international and local kunst, the graphic kind.

THEATRE | Gorilla Girls & Beuys

1st-2nd July

The collective K-LI-P has made waves in Berlin through its suffusion of different artistic mediums, and its new show is sure to do the same.

FOOD | The Big Biteclub BBQ + Legotek Open-Air

3rd July

Nothing screams summer more than a BBQ, and nothing screams summer in Berlin more than open air. Thankfully, here’s a way to have both.

FOOD | Taiwan Delicanto

2nd-3rd July

The concept of ‘street eats’ seem to be everywhere these days, but the food at these events are getting trite. That’s where the Taiwanese street food event comes into play.

Tuesday 5th – Monday 11th July


FOOD | Berlino Gelato Festival

7th-10th July

Here’s a much-appreciated way to bring a little bit of Italy to the Hauptstadt.

FOOD | Try Kaffee Tasting @ Markethalle Neun

8th July

Berlin is a city of unparalleled third wave coffee, and it’s time to step up our understanding in the presence of its greatness.

DRINK | Gesundbrewing Craft Beer Festival

8th-9th July

Gesundbrewing will be showcasing an epic lineup of beers at the famous Castle Pub in the spirit of Berlin beer week.

MUSIC | Staatsoper Für Alle

9th July

Staatsoper für alle is a glorious evening where classical music hits the streets, bringing highbrow to the mainstream, for free.

THEATRE | Foreign Affairs

5th-17th July

As the name cleverly suggests, this international festival celebrates a whole spectrum of performance art mediums all over Berlin.

Tuesday 12th – Monday 18th July


EAT | Ben & Jerry’s Movie Night

13th July
The Ben & Jerry’s Movie Night is for those who agree that these two things have never been more destined to be together.

ART | Krist Martin At König Galerie

15th July

What Friday night would be complete without a proper fill of Kunst? Check out Kris Martin’s return to the infamous König Galerie.

OUTSIDE | Botanical Night At Botanical Garden

16th July
The massive 43 hectares of lush romanticism stays open for a late night so the people can experience natural beauty in the moonlight.

CELEBRATE | Lesbian & Gay City Festival

16th-17th July

In other words, here’s Berlin’s rendition of Pride Parade. This massive festival is loud, proud, and pretty much unmissable.

ART | Communicating The Museum Berlin 2016

12th-15th July

How do we bridge the gap between museums and their audiences? How can we cultivate meaningful dialogue as well as engage with modern platforms across different communities and cultures? All of this and more will be discussed, dissected, and elaborated at CTM 2016.

Tuesday 19th – Monday 25th July


FILM | Full Moon Movie Night At Viktoriapark

20th July

Pack your picnic baskets and cozy up to the great outdoors for this charming movie night by moonlight.

DRINK | Berlin Beer Week Opening Event

22nd July

There’s a reason the words ‘booze’ and ‘cruise’ rhyme. While we haven’t fully fleshed it out yet, we think trying Berlin Beer Week’s craft beer ship event is a good way to find out.

FOOD | Burger And Beer

24th July

All praise the beer gods, it’s going to get downright sudsy in the Hauptstadt this week, and this burger and beer event is one of the many highlights of the weeklong beer bash.

MUSIC | Open Air At Gendarmenmarkt

21st-25th July

This is how Berlin takes open air and injects it with highbrow. Classical music performances at Gendarmenmarkt anyone?

CULTURE | Christopher Street Day

23rd July

With roots from across the pond, Christopher Street Day isn’t just another LGBT parade; it’s an international fight and celebration to be ourselves.

Tuesday 26th – Sunday 31st July


FILM | Moveez Festival

29th July

Get your fill of the open-air movie bandwagon before winter hits. Moveez is one of largest festivals of its kind in Germany.

THEATRE | The Lab: Color Of Honey

29th July

English Theatre of Berlin puts on this one-woman show that explores themes of isolation, memory, loss and all the unique trappings of what it means to be a human.

CULTURE | Holi Festival Of Colors

30th July

Berlin is often coined as a colorful city, and this prismatic event takes that meaning to a whole new level.

CULTURE | Zug Der Liebe

30th July
Zug der Liebe or ‘train of love’ is really all about one thing: spreading the love in a socially aware, all-day, musically inundating event.