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What's On This April In Berlin
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What's On This April In Berlin

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Updated: 2 May 2016
There’s been enough signs of spring lurking lately that this month it only seems fair that the monthly guide has a smattering of outside events to go with the usual huddle-inside-from-the-cold too. This monthly, curious Berliners will find food, theater, music and more as the Hauptstadt spreads its wings and remembers that there’s more to life than short days and long nights.



FOOD | Foodhackaton

1st – 4th April

Berlin’s smartest developers band together to work on the next big thing in food technology. Bring your laptop and they’ll do the rest. Club Mate recommended.

MUSIC | Parov Stelar Band

Fri 1st April

Austrian legend Parov Stelar comes to Berlin to showcase his digital wares.

PARTY | Pillow Fight

Sat 2nd April

There’s something about the words ‘pillow’ and ‘fight’ that brings out the best in people. In celebration of International Pillow Fight Day (which is a thing), Berlin will host an enormous pillow fight this April.

ART | Screen Memories

Mon 4th April

Part of an ongoing exhibition at Charlottenburg’s C/O Berlin, Screen Memories is a unique look at the nature of remembering through photography.

PARTY | Soap Bubble Flash Mob

Mon 4th April

The Soap Bubble Flash Mob returns for another year of good clean fun. Revellers should arrive at 3pm for a moment of shared insanity.

FRIDAY 8th – THURSDAY 14th April


THEATER | The Most Unsatisfied Town

Fri 8th April

A timely production of Amy Evans’ excellent play, it deals with immigration and integration and performed at the English Theatre Berlin.

DRINK | Birgit&Bier Season Opening

Fri 8th – Sat 9th April

Fingers crossed (and thumbs pressed) for some good weather so that beer garden season can get underway. Birgit&Bier lead they way with their weekend-long season opener.

ART | Sprache und Wissen (Language and Knowledge)

Fri 8th – Sat 9th April

The HKW celebrates all things language this April with an exhibition that examines the limitations of language for understanding and knowledge and how the language we speak shapes our ideas about what’s possible.

OUTSIDE | Airport Night Run

Sat 9th April

Not usually keen to recommend physical exertion, the Airport Night Run gets a shout because airports are very important to Berliners. Go, feel good and run the run way.

FILM | Achtung Film Festival

Wed 13th April

A chance to discover the best in local film makers as Achtung showcases talent born, bred and working in Germany.



MUSIC | Record Store Day

Sat 16th April

Find the best musical hidden gems as Record Store Day returns for 2016. Find the best in vinyl in the city with an all-day extravaganza.

PARTY | Fruehlingszaubertraum

Sat 16th April

Find out what’s been cooking this spring as the big beats hit Mitte for another round of techno loveliness.

MAKE | Handmade Design Market

Sun 17th April

The best in handmade goods this spring! Find crafts and crafting materials for those not content with store-bought tat.

LEARN | Women Leadership Summit

Sun 17th – Tue 19th April

Finding the right women to talk about what it takes to succeed just got easier. The annual summit returns this month!

PLAY | International Games Week

Tue 19th March

A week of gamer-centric goodness as international video gamers come to Berlin in celebration of all things game.



ART | Alina Rudya

Fri 22nd April

A photographic exploration of the fallout from the Chernobyl disaster at KANYA PROJECT SPACE.

DANCE | The Tit Ball

Sat 23rd April

A festival of all things ballroom! Not the most stereotypical Berlin activity, but then who needs another techno night. Come and indulge a little at Südblock.

DRINK | Craft Spirits Festival

23rd – 24th April

Find the best moonshine in the Hauptstadt when the Berlin Craft Spirits Festival lands. Find interesting gins and delicious vodkas made locally.

Gallery Weekend

29th – 30th April

A staple of Berlin’s art scene, the Gallery Weekend is back with some of the city’s most important names showcasing and being showcased.

FOOD | Worldwide Vegan Bakesale

Sat 30th April

Going vegan doesn’t mean one has to forego sweet treats. Join the vegan bakers as they celebrate ethical eating and sweet goodness.