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Skyline of Berlin in sunset | © SP-Photo / Shutterstock
Skyline of Berlin in sunset | © SP-Photo / Shutterstock
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What's On In Berlin In August

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 10 October 2016
It’s hard to believe we are already two-thirds of the way through Berlin‘s glorious summer, but this is all the more reason to get out and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Some of Berlin’s most legendary events are going down in August, including the Berlin Atonal and the Young Euro Classic. There are also plenty of exclusive opportunities to see the city in new ways and to sample its many culinary delights. We’ve made sorting your August social calendar easy with these unmissable events.

Monday 1 – Sunday 7 August

ART | Project Space Festival

📅 1st – 31st August

It’s no secret at this point that Berlin is host to some of the most original and interesting artistic installations in the world. Now it has this year’s Project Space Festival to add to its repertoire. Starting on the 1st of August and spanning until the very end of the month, this series of events invites people to get better acquainted with Berlin’s independent art scene.

📍 Locations vary throughout the city

DRINK | International Beer Festival

📅 5th —7th August

Let’s be honest. One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of German culture is an affinity for beer. It’s nothing to be ashamed of really, and the International Beer Festival proves it. For one weekend, this three-day festival in Friedrichshain will host 340 breweries representing 87 countries, serving upwards of 2400 varieties of beer.

Free admission

📍 Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, Germany

ART | Opening: Dada Africa

📅 5th August – 7 November

The Dadaists are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of the avant-garde. Commemorate the centennial anniversary of this movement’s emergence at Berlinische Galerie with the opening of Dada Africa, which focuses on ‘dialogue with the other.’ The exhibition exposes viewers to Dada beyond Europe through the 120 works presented here.

📍 Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstraße 124-128, Berlin, Germany +49 030 7890 2600

FOOD | Ice Cream Festival

📅 6th—7th August

Berliners love their eis: there is no doubt about that. With August comes Berlin’s first annual Ice Cream Festival. While ‘ice cream festival’ has a nice ring to it, a piece of crucial information is missing: this event will also be featuring plenty of sorbet, popsicles, and slushies in addition to the classic Kugel in der Waffel.

📍 Location TBA (at one of the Berlin Arena’s affiliates)

MUSIC | Hip Hop Beach Festival

📅 7th August

Head over to everyone’s favorite place to cool off for Berlin’s Hip Hop Beach Festival at Badeschiff. As if the famous pool in the river Spree wasn’t enough to attract us, DJs will be spinning old and new hip-hop tracks from 2-10pm. This is the ideal spot for those who are tired of techno but would still like to be part of the in-crowd.

Tickets € 14.50 – € 17.50

📍 Badeschiff, Eichenstraße 4, Berlin, Germany +49 030 533 2030

Monday 8 – Sunday 14 August

DANCE | Dance in August

📅 12th August – September 4th

The 12th marks the commencement of Dance in August, a three week-long series of events and performances dedicated to celebrating international contemporary dance. What makes Dance in August particularly special is that it often features new and experimental choreographies that have never been seen anywhere else, making it one of Europe’s premiere dance festivals.

📍 Stresemannstraße 29, Berlin, Germany +49 30 25900427

MUSIC | Pure&Crafted Festival

📅 12th —13 August

Pure&Crafted brings us the best in rock and alternative sounds. The old post office, Postbahnhof near Ostbanhof Station and the river Spree, provides the perfect distressed brick backdrop for the concert while an array of shining new and refurbished motorcycles stand on display throughout the festival grounds. The legendary Noel Gallagher of Oasis is set to play as well.

Tickets starting at € 29

📍 Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, Berlin, Germany +49 030 6981 2820

FESTIVAL | Aquarella Berlin 2016

📅 12th—13th August

Aquarella Berlin is a music and light festival on the river Spree that offers the perfect chance to take in some of those last few magical moments of summer evening splendor in the city. The event features boat tours along the Spree. The ships are illuminated in technicolor light floating down the spree, causing a vast display of rainbow beams across the water while fireworks erupt and fan across the sky. Could our fair city get any dreamier? When you add the fact that there is a buffet and champagne reception, the answer is yes. For a preview, check out this video from a past Aquarella.

Tickets starting at € 39.50

📍 Reederei Riedel GmbH, Nalepastraße 10-16, Berlin, Germany +49 030 61 65 79 30

LITERATURE | Charles Bukowski Symposium

📅 12—14 August

One of the 20th century’s most lovably despondent poets, Charles Bukowski, has a cult following of those who appreciate the prose of melancholy to this day. These somber souls had best get themselves to the Charles Bukowski Symposium this August. The three-day colloquium is the first of its kind in Berlin, and it will feature tours around his local haunts as well as lectures about ‘Bukowski and the Mystical’.

📍 Mehringdamm 61, Berlin, Germany

Monday 15 – Sunday 21 August

CULTURE | Young Euro Classic

📅 17th August—3rd September

The 16th annual Young Euro Classic is a time for the world’s up-and-coming classical musicians to make their debuts. The 17-day program includes some of the best youth orchestras from around the globe as a way of showcasing youth culture. In this regard the Young Euro Classic is also the first of its kind in the world.

📍 Meierottostraße 9, Berlin, Germany +49 30 8847 1390

HISTORY | Potsdam Palace Night

📅 20th August

‘Potsdamer Schlössernacht,’ known in English as Potsdam Palace Night, invites visitors to step back into the past and experience what life was like for the Prussian Royalty that used to live here. The enchanting evening includes a host of different events, but even the chance to take a stroll through pristine Versailles-inspired gardens with the Rococo palace beautifully illuminated in the background is reason enough to make the trip here.

📍 Maulbeeralle, Potsdam, Germany

FILM | Long Night of Film Festivals

📅 20th August

Join die-hard film buffs at Zukunft for 15 hours of nonstop film screenings. Can’t get into the flick you’re watching? Simply head to another screen. There are multiple indoor and outdoor venues within the festival complex, showing over 100 short films in total on just about every topic under the sun at the Long Night of Film Festivals.

Tickets starting at € 7

📍 Zukunft, Laskerstraße 5 (Markgrafendamm), Berlin, Germany +49 176 5786 1079

MUSIC | Berliner Klassiktage

📅 19th—28th August

With events like the Youth Euro Classic and the Classic Open Air, it’s possible that Berlin secretly loves classical music as much as it loves techno. Or maybe it’s that the symphony is just fitting for the delightful summer atmosphere. Whatever it is, the Berliner Klassiktage keeps things rolling with this über fancy event, taking place in settings like the monumental Bode Museum and the City Palace.

📍 Bode Museum, Am Kupfergruben, Berlin, Germany +49 30 2664 4242

Monday 22 – Sunday 28 August

FESTIVAL | Berlin Circus Festival

📅 26th August – 4th September

What better way to utilize the enormity of vacant public space that is Tempelhofer Feld than to hold the Berlin Circus Festival there? Note: this is not the typical circus with clowns and lion tamers. Instead, this event will feature contemporary circus acts including acrobats, dancers, actors, and other awe-inspiring performers as well as cool music, interactive workshops, and art exhibitions. Feeling curious? Peep their promotional teaser here.

Tickets starting at € 15

📍 Tempelhofer Damm 104, Berlin, Germany

HISTORY | Long Night of Museums

📅 27th August

For anyone who thought spending a night at the museum was something that could only be done in the movies, think again. Long Night of Museums includes 77 different participating museums of all kinds, which will be open at varying times well into the night. Plus, there will be live music, guided tours, and film screenings throughout.

Tickets starting at € 12

📍 Various locations throughout the city

CULTURE | German Federal Government Day

📅 27th—28th August

In an era where politicians can often feel like distant figures, the German Federal Government Day brings Germany’s political institutions back to the people. For one weekend, many federal governmental buildings and other institutions are made open to the public, including that of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

📍 Willy-Brandt-Straße 1, Berlin, Germany & other selected locations throughout the city

MUSIC | Berlin Atonal

📅 24th —28th August

Arguably the most hipster event this month, the Berlin Atonal event has had huge impacts on the experimental and electronic music scenes. More than 100 acts will be part of this year’s program, but as the hipsters would say, you’ve probably never heard of any of them anyway. For those atonal enthusiasts as well as any individuals who are merely curious, head to the Kraftwerk complex for this astounding atmospheric event. The full lineup can be found here.

📍 Kraftwerk, Köpenicker Straße, 70, Berlin, Germany +49 030 2300 5100

Monday 29 – Wednesday 31 August

CULTURE | Highlight Tour

📅 29th August

With the Olympics upon us, and Germany’s fate in July’s Euro Cup still on our minds, August has us in a sporty kind of mood. The Highlight Tour is a way to get that athletic fix without having to travel all the way to Rio. On tours ranging from 60 to 75 minutes, guests have the exclusive chance to see the Olympiastadion Berlin, where the FIFA World Cup has been hosted.

Tickets starting at € 12

📍 Olympiastadion Berlin, Olympischer Platz 3, Berlin, Germany +49 30 3068 8100

FILM | Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years

📅 29th August

Berlin has been home to many of the world’s most impactful thinkers. Even the influential black lesbian poet Audre Lorde spent eight years here. Lichtblick Kino will be hosting Dagmar Schultz’s documentary, Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years, about Lorde’s time here and Berlin helped to shape her views.

📍 Kastanienallee 77, Berlin, Germany

MUSIC | Pop Kultur

📅 31 August — 2 September

Pop Kultur is a music and cultural festival with venues dispersed throughout the Neukölln neighborhood. This three-day event highlights the rich creative culture of Berlin through live performances, talks, workshops, and more.

📍 Venues throughout Neukölln, Berlin, Germany +49 30 4606 0050

ART | Letzte Chance

📅 31th August

All things come full circle. To conclude the month, is Letzte Chance, the finale of Berlin’s Project Space Festival. From personal favorites to the ones that were missed, on the 31th it’s possible to see all 30 projects from the month for one last time.

📍 Locations vary throughout the city.