What They’re Watching In Germany This Autumn

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Updated: 18 October 2016
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With its share of classic films and gripping new releases, German cinema has long been something to rave about. Therefore, this Autumn’s docket of film premières certainly has big shoes to fill. After searching high and low, we do believe we’ve found ten movies that just might fit the bill. Without further ado, here’s what they’re watching in Germany right now, and we suggest you take note.


Tschick is a film about two teenage boys, Malik and Tschick, who steal a car and embark on a road trip that will change their lives forever. Both boys are social outsiders with tumultuous family lives, who quickly connect. The plot follows the course of their journey to Wallachia where Malik’s grandfather lives. At one point they are also joined by another youth, Isa Schmidt who helps them make their way. Tschick is a compelling coming of age story with fun protagonists. The movie is based on Wolfgang Herrndorf’s popular novel of the same name. Tschick will be released in theaters on Thursday, September 15th.

Rudolf Thome – Überall Blumen

This 2016 documentary features decorated film director Rudolf Thome as he undergoes the process of creating his last film Überall Blumen (Flowers Everywhere), which was never released. Despite his great reputation, Thome is unable to raise the funds necessary for creating the picture, and it becomes clear that he has lost the interest of film producers, marking the decline of his career with age. The director of the documentary, Serpil Turhan, is able to capture Thome’s innermost thoughts and feelings to create a deeply personal reflection on aging in the twilight of Thome’s illustrious career.

Nebel im August

The new drama, Nebel im August, or ‘fog in August’, is based on a true story about a 13-year-old orphan, Ernst Lossa, living in a Nazi-operated mental hospital. The boy is intelligent but it is implied that he has a learning disability, which makes it difficult for him to conform to the demands of conventional schooling at the time. It is for this reason that he was admitted to a mental hospital in South Germany, where experimentation and even euthanasia of the so-called mentally ill were commonplace. Ernst realizes this quickly and makes a plan to escape with another girl at the hospital, Liebe Nandl, with whom he falls in love.

Eine unerhörte Frau

Eine unerhörte Frau, which translates as ‘an unheard woman’, is a drama to be released this October about a young mother who is desperately in search of answers regarding her daughter Magdalena’s illness. Yet her symptoms are anomalous, and doctors doubt that they have any true malignancy despite the mother’s insistence, giving the film a deeply suspenseful tone. Eventually, the mother’s persistence pays off as Magdalena is eventually diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumor, something that brings about an entirely new sense of trepidation. The mother ultimately sues the doctors for their denial of her efforts to seek help for her daughter, which led to significant delays in her medical treatment.

Die Welt der Wunderlichs

Die Welt der Wunderlichs, or ‘the world of the Wunderlichs’, is a comedy about Mimi, a musician, and her hyperactive son, Felix, as they travel to participate in a song contest in Zurich. Other quirky family members, including Mimi’s boisterous father, her high-strung mother, apathetic sister, and her burnt out ex-husband join them on their journey. Naturally, they encounter plenty of hijinks along the way, many of which are thanks to Felix’s nutty demeanor. For anyone who loved Little Miss Sunshine, Die Welt der Wunderlichs is a must-see.

Das kalte Herz

Das kalte Herz, or ‘the cold heart’, is a fantastical film set in Germany’s legendary Black Forest. The picture centers around the story of Peter the pauper and Lisbeth, a beautiful girl from a prominent family. The two fall in love, but prospects of marriage are grim considering their class differences. In desperation to be together, Peter makes a deal with a suspicious character who offers him everything he could want in exchange for turning his heart into stone. This spell changes Peter into a brutal and cold-hearted young man, however, and Lisbeth can no longer love him. They must return his heart to normal before everything falls apart completely.

Gleißendes Glück

Gleißendes Glück, or ‘gleaming luck’, is a film about Helene Brindel, a shy woman who is trapped in an isolating marriage with an abusive husband. After a series of misfortunes, she turns to a psychologist, Eduard Gluck, for help. While he promotes the ideas of positive psychology in their meetings, the nature of their relationship runs far deeper than this. For one, Helene and Eduard become intimate as they quickly feel connected to one another upon meeting. The plot thickens when Gluck begins to reveal problems of his own.

Das Versprechen

Das Versprechem, or ‘the promise’, is a highly anticipated crime documentary to be released on October 27th. The film chronicles the story of Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering, two wealthy youths in love, who murdered Elizabeth’s parents in 1985. The two remained on the run for almost a year, traveling from the USA to Asia and Europe before eventually getting caught. Both now serve hefty prison sentences, but based on new evidence showcased in the film, Jens’ guilt appears less certain. Did he only take some of the blame to ease Elizabeth’s punishment?


Lotte is a tragicomedy about Lotte, who is now 30 and still doesn’t quite have her life together. She bounces from one mediocre relationship to the next, while partying in Berlin. Her life feels empty and monotonous until she meets a young girl named Greta with whom she becomes close. This relationship causes Lotte to confront herself and her past. Directed by Julius Schultheiß, he also funded much of the film’s production himself, along with the help of a Kickstarter. First screened at the Berlin Biennale, Lotte will be released elsewhere in Germany on October 27th.

Tödliche Gefühle

Tödliche Gerfühle, or ‘deadly emotions’ is a thriller that follows the Berlin Police Commissioner, Pola Warlimont, as she attempts to solve the mysterious kidnapping of her friend, Tina. As the investigation commences, all facts would indicate that Tina had an affair with a man named Sven, and that it was Tina’s husband, Karl, who kidnapped them to get revenge. Yet, Pola still isn’t so convinced. Her skepticism is confirmed when they discover another small detail that changes everything. Suspenseful and original, Tödliche Gerfühle is a captivating film to be released at the end of October.

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