What They’re Listening To In Germany – Autumn 2016

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Updated: 9 September 2016
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German artists have had major influences on many different musical genres ranging from punk to techno and experimental music. The same rings true today as the country’s music scene continues to flourish and expand its influences across yet more styles. Here are the biggest artists, songs, and albums to know for fall 2016.

Felix Jaehn

Felix Jaehn is one of the biggest German music producers to watch out for right now. He is also a DJ who released a new song, Bonfire (featuring Alma), which has recently made it into the top 10 charts. Still, Jaehn is best known for the song Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better), which features the vocals of British singer Jasmine Thompson. Though born in Hamburg, Jaehn grew up in the Berlin neighborhood of Schöneberg. Thus, his musical style has certainly been influenced by his upbringing in the capital of techno and electronic music. His DJ career started at the mere age of 16, and his style can be described as ‘tropical house’.

Robin Schulz

Robin Schulz is one of the most highly regarded German DJs in the world. He is known for infusing his songs with manual guitar riffs and for his impressive song remixes, which have even afforded him a Grammy nomination. Some of his most popular songs include Prayer in C and Waves. From a night out in Berlin to a workout session to a chill night in, his style is as suave as it is groovy, making it fit for a versatile range of occasions. It is also possible to catch Schulz live as he is known to grace the line-ups of many famous music festivals including Lollapalooza Berlin, Tomorrowland, and Wireless Festival in London.

Paul Kalkbrenner

As a DJ, music producer, and actor, Paul Kalkbrenner is what one might call a triple threat. He is known for breaking down songs and remixing them live on stage. Kalkbrenner has techno running through his veins; he was 12 when the Berlin wall fell and this style of music began to emerge to prominence within the unified Germany. What’s more is that he first got his start spinning at Berlin’s BPitch Parties, which still go down periodically around the city. His most popular song is Sky and Sand, which did extraordinarily well on the charts in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. First gaining major popularity in 2010, Kalkbrenner is still highly favored as one of the best German DJs right now.

Sven Väth

Three-time winner of the DJ Awards, Sven Väth is another one of Germany’s most lauded DJs. At 51, he has been around for quite some time, and his fans endearingly refer to him as Papa Sven. He is known for his pioneering work in trance music as well as electronic, achievements that have made him world famous. He is also celebrated for throwing Cocoon parties in Ibiza where other electronic greats like Ricardo Villalobos have performed. He is still a major fixture at many festivals in Germany and beyond, including Melt!, the NeoPop Electronic Festival, and the Awakenings Festival.


#zwilling, which means ‘twin’, is a new album by the brotherly duo Roman and Heiko Lochmann, who got their start on YouTube as Die Lochis. While they are known for both their comedy routines and their musical acts, #zwilling is a compilation of their latest work within the music realm – an upbeat pop album currently residing in the German top 10 albums chart. Many of the album’s singles, including tracks like All Day Online and I’m Blank have already made it into the top 70 charts in Germany.

Midgard by Faun

Another acclaimed new release is the album Midgard by Faun. This album is comprised of medieval folk, which has its niche audience in Germany; so much so that the album is currently ranked top 10 on the German charts. Plus, the artists are set for a highly anticipated tour early in 2017, so it’s a good time to consider jumping on the bandwagon before tickets sell out. A Faun concert is far from your average live show either. They are known to create a truly magical, enthralling ambiance that is worth experiencing for anyone interested in exploring the German music scene.

Olli Schulz

Hamburg native, singer-songwriter Olli Schulz holds a special place in the hearts of many Germans. He is originally known for his indie group, Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie. Schulz has since gained a resurgence in popularity thanks to the release of his 2016 TV show, Schulz & Böhmermann, along with his podcast, Fest & Flauschig, which in English means ‘firm and fluffy’. Plus, his recent album, Feelings aus der Asche, or ‘feelings from the ashes’, ranked number four in the German charts upon its release. He is scheduled to play in the Hauptstadt this October, and around the rest of Germany throughout the fall.


Dorfrocker is a trio known for their party rock music that mixes in elements of traditional German folk tunes. The group is comprised of three brothers, Mark, Tobias, and Philipp Thomann who hail from Lower Franconia. Their 2016 album, Heimat.Land.Liebe., which translates as ‘Homeland.Love.Country.’, debuted in the top 10 German albums chart, and follows on from their 2014 release, Dorfkind und Stolz Drauf!, which also did extraordinarily well in the charts. They perform live around Germany and will be touring to promote their new album this fall.

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